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The Yamato
7th Feb 2008, 13:05
I'm sure some of you have heard of Salvadore on xbox live on BM. I played against him last night on a time I dont usally play on. His team were losing and his last teamate quit on him so he had two battleship in steel monsters and one cruiser. We had Three battleships and 2-3 cruisers. His battleships were the Prince of whales and the New York with full health each. His Atlanta was at half health after I shot one wave of artillery. One of are battleships Yamashiro was at half health and Huruna had losed about 1 3rd of the health. I was still at full health despite taking out 1 battleship and 1 and a half cruisers at that point. We were both heading north at the edge of the map at the top. :rolleyes: Then wants me to follow him **** . I dont think so especially at the edge of the map were there would be no room for moving around. Salv turn around went the other way (by the way my ship was the Fuso) away from the battle meanwhile I turned around and headed back to link up with my teamates by the island in the center of the map. Before I linked up with my teamates which were roughly 3.4 miles away! from me. He was running out of space on the map but we weren't taking him on, we were delibratly making him run of of space first to not let him have any chances. At this point Salvadore (I dont know the correct spelling) :nut: was going in a completly different direction than ours. Then he started calling me and another of my teamates chicken :lol: when he was running away. He gave up and left like a quitter with stiill the same units and health he had before. When he could of had the opertunity to attack me with two battleships and one cruiser against my fuso (my Takao was with my other teamates seperated from my fuso). Then starts getting rude and overconfident saying I run away all the time :lmao: and he has all the archievements as well as me, what a dumb nut :nut:. He doesn't deserve all the medals, someone should just ban him for being dumb. Anyways he loses it when the game has ended and sends me several messages which is the same old dumb stuff he says in that game :rolleyes:. I played another game of steel monsters (I was the host on both games). He then send me a message saying watch I'll bring my friends on you and we will beat you, what a loser :lol:. I then say because I was already in another game of steel monsters that if he is so egar to kill me in the game then join next time round and I said I didn't care if he brought his friends with him. At the end of the game I was playing he was waiting to join and there was about a 10 secounds gap to join my room and serveral other people beat him to it because hes so slow in the head :D. Salv send me a message saying the room was full and I send one back and said I told you in advance so your just slow and you had your chance to join :rasp:. So he went quiet and stopped sending me messages but at that point I was slightly bored of playing steel monsters three times in a row so I closed the room and joined someone elses on the battle of samar but was origonaly on the sarigao strait and I choose the Yamato slot and he choose the u.s just so he could play against me and he left to go and play Ace Combat.:D :lol: The truth is is that he has got skill but in the end he only plays when hes winning and acusses people of being chicken when hes running away because hes only slightly losing. Slav gives up so so early on and has fits like someone that doesn't even know the game.:lol: I hope this was a good story, it brings a smile to my face when people like that come across my path, its really entertaining. I made him wait about an hour for me :D because he was being rude and abnoctous. The only time I duck out of a battle is when its something like 6 on 1, he guy overrates himself. Xbox live is full to the brim with guys like this (good old xbox live) :cool:. Lol I've just seen the amount of typing in this post.:nut:

7th Feb 2008, 13:36
Was this really worth the effort? I mean, seriously, who cares?

So you played a game with an XBL guy who quit. Big ******** deal. I just lost 2 minutes of my life reading that post that I will never get back thanks to you.

The Yamato
7th Feb 2008, 13:43
Lol cheer up dude wheres your sense of humour, some people take games to seriously thats the whole point.

7th Feb 2008, 13:59
Lol, ok then. :) :p