View Full Version : Error in demo!Error in game?

4th Feb 2008, 13:33
Hi, for first, I'm sorry for my bad English:)
I have a lot of questions (if you don't understand something,I'll try to tell it other way)
My configuration is:
512 Ram
2,6 Ghz proc.
Radeon x1600 PRO
17'' monitor CRT

For first, I have installed Just Cause demo (I don't remember from where I downloaded it), it ran perfectly (even on high details!). Then, I have bought full Just Cause. But it wrote mistakes (at installation) on some files, so I tried to ignore it. It stopped on 100% (all green pieces) and haven't do anything.So I tried it, and, of course, it doesn't ran. So, I didn't uninstalled it, I have only removed folder. I downloaded demo (from gamershell) but when I ran it, it wrote that famous mistake about vertex/shader. I want to buy this game from another shop. After all, I got these questions:

1. Is there a possibillity that it will show me the same vertex/shader error if I buy full game???

2. After I uninstalled demo first time, there was some folder in registers. Do you think it will help if I uninstall demo, delete whole "Just Cause" folder from registers and install it again?

3. Between first install of demo and second install of demo, I have installed program called "Zoner 10". Do you think that this program could cause this error?

4. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks much,