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4th Feb 2008, 04:32
What would you think of them making expansion packs to the new game. They can add more to the story line and/or add more weapons. They can have you play as one of the other fractions maybe......

4th Feb 2008, 11:23
Looking at DX1, an Add-on in which you can stick with UNATCO would've been cool. However, I'm afraid that if there are going to be Add-on's for DX3 they'll make the main game less interesting because there should be a lot of stuff to be inplemented in the add-ons.

4th Feb 2008, 22:29
Well it was only a thought and not all my thoughts are good ones but when they are good they are golden.

4th Feb 2008, 23:25
A multiplayer add on, yes. So that they could concentrate on the solo campaign first.

4th Feb 2008, 23:37
I don't mind expansion packs. I'd rather the whole story be told in the game, its just poor marketing if they leave half the story out to make you go out and buy the expansion. Playing as the other side would be a great idea for an expansion though!

5th Feb 2008, 00:12
Oh my god, that is a fantastic idea...

5th Feb 2008, 04:17
A game has to sell surprisingly well to have an expansion pack.

5th Feb 2008, 04:37
...I dunno about that, Unstop.

Anyhow, it is a pretty good idea. The sorts of things are usualy covered in half-finished mods. Like co-op and real multi-pathing.

5th Feb 2008, 06:00
Eidos should have done it for the first one IMO.. making an entirely new game seemed like a mistake to me.

Just look at the success of games that have had expansion packs that "improved" the original game. I think it could have been awesome and would have greatly helped our modding efforts, plus would have kept Ion Storm profitable. I would argue IWar and Theif 3 were bad business decision on Eidos' behalf without going into the reasons apart from that they could have just expanded on the originals (improve the engine and technology, add better looking content ect, would have been awesome)

Deus Ex 3 most likely won't have expansions since I doubt Eidos has learned from their mistakes with regards to licensing successful IP.

5th Feb 2008, 09:51
LOL. I love how the game isn't even in alpha yet, and we're already discussing addons.

Addons thus far have come off as a real mixed bag, IMO. For every worthwhile addition, there's scores of 'let's make a quick buck', or 'lets take this 100MB patch of things the game should have had and sell as an extra'.

I'd rather wait and see how complete the game is at playing before desiring more. An addon might have nothing more to say. Also, I find the mod scene tends to be more innovative when it comes to addons; when you're not working for profit, failure doesn't hurt as much, so you can take bigger risks.

5th Feb 2008, 18:54
Deus Ex 3 most likely won't have expansions since I doubt Eidos has learned from their mistakes with regards to licensing successful IP.

I've completely agreed with you for the first time ever.


5th Feb 2008, 19:22
Wow I am getting the feeling that people are mix about my ideal but like any ideal it can be either praised or shot down. Yes I know it might be a tad bit to early to discuss the notion of add ons. Whether or not if they are free or come with a price I feel it will increase the products life and add a replayability to the game. Some of you want them to focus more on single play mode so maybe an add on that allows you to play multiplayer. Now my question for you if they made add on that add more to the story or let you play some one on the other side would you buy it? Next question if they did made add ons for DX1 and DX2 what type of add ons would you have liked of seen them make for them?

6th Feb 2008, 00:00
What would you think of them making expansion packs to the new game. They can add more to the story line and/or add more weapons. They can have you play as one of the other fractions maybe......

If it's a good game it won't need one. Just look at DX1. ;)

Boiny Bunny
7th Feb 2008, 10:16
Actually, contrary to popular belief, expansion packs are not usually 'stuff that should have been in the original game'.

Developers make the original game as best they can with their resource and time constraints. When they hit their deadline, they have to release the game as it is - whether or not it has what they want in it.

If the game sells terribly, then nothing more happens.

If the game sells brilliantly, the studio will have more funding to add the stuff they had originally wanted to put it.

So yes it *might* be stuff they *wanted* to put in - but it's CERTAINLY not stuff that they deliberately planned to leave out just so they could suck more money out of you.

8th Feb 2008, 14:32
Ignoring sims 2, off course. They deliberatley left out stuff that were in the first game, so they could release 2 or more add-ons.

1st May 2008, 01:12
I think the best opportunity for expansion packs would be to add in additional locations/cities with their own stories or side missions that might add to the overall story, but are not necessarily tied to it directly. Completing these areas would of course give the player access to a few new items/weapons/mods, but would certainly not be critical to beating the game or even getting full enjoyment out of it.

1st May 2008, 02:51
Nobody doubts an add-on would be cool, since Paul Denton will likely be the star of this game
But I'm afraid Unstoppable is right.
Any kind of add-on will have to come from mod-makers. Here's hoping y'all can put out a good one after DX3 comes out!:)

1st May 2008, 05:24
A multiplayer expansion would be great. The devs could focus on the SP experience now, and then work on a multiplayer aspect later that could totally rock. Ive been playing enemy territory recently (if u havent played, give it a go, its free to download) and been thinking how a similar multiplayer experience could be made for deus ex.

17th Oct 2008, 23:50
Oh god, I abhor add-ons/expansions with all my heart. For MMOs, it's to be expected, yes, of course. However, for single-player games (which this primarily is, sure, there might (and should) be a multiplayer mode, but the core game is single player) I believe that the entire, full, finished product should come out all at once. Don't do that HORRID thing that Half-Life is doing with the episodes (sure, they're good games, yes, I enjoyed them yes, BUT going through a third of the game, and feeling MAN, THAT WAS AWESOME, BUT JUST WHEN THE STORY REACHES A CLIMAX: GOTTA WAIT FOR NEW EXPANSION is devastating.

Even if it's to add more levels/weapons, don't think that add-ons should be done. It reflects an unfinished product being rushed out by the developers. Think the whole game through when you're making the game. I agree, that, sure, maybe some stuff was forgotten, or new/better ideas were later thought up, but in that case, throw out a FREE patch, because it's a fault on the part of the developer. The consumer shouldn't have to pay for that.

18th Oct 2008, 00:01
Too early to speak about, or speculate, expansion. Also, it wouldn't really work with a game like Deus Ex 3, it either falls too short, or it goes beyond "expansion" and should be considered Deus Ex 4 as far project size is concerned. You can't really find that sweetspot there, where it would offer enough for people to pay money for it, and not being too large project for the team to finish rather quickly.

100% focus on the Deus Ex 3 now, and forget about those expansions. I much rather wait a few years for a proper sequel/prequel than some short expansion that takes valuable development time from Deus Ex 3 or Deus Ex 4.

18th Oct 2008, 06:06
In terms of expansions... It depends on how good the game is..

Let me use the example of Harry Potter.. the author constructed an entire world before she even wrote the first book.. she had a closet full of notes on the world she was writing about. So before she wrote the books she and enough material for all the harry potter books.

make the story good and believable is the the most stated comment I see and I feel the same way. If the games story is well done and researched conceptually then expansions are kind of built into it.

How would the game be made to have this open as in not closing that idea off? Well in DX1 there was a very nonlinear feel as actions had repercussions but the plot was linear. I'd say as long as a good plot takes 75% of the game before plot path forks as in factions choices open up in a concrete way affecting the players standings then the game is open to other protagonists starting in other factions.

In DX IW you could play as different factions at the same time without any repercussions.. DX1 you'd find out what a kill switch was. Powerful people don't like being stabbed in the back.

Say DX1 had had an expansion where you play another person starting in the NSF. A completely different game, perspective wise yet all the story framework is there and the engine. Halflife 2 put a lot of work into their engine and story and they kept on going.. Lost Coast, episode 1, 2, and on.. I as a player have no problem forking out money for a game I love and again for expansions.

I think what people worry about is a 1/2 done game because they were thinking about slicing 1 game into a few parts.