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Lara's Boyfriend
3rd Feb 2008, 03:35
I’m writing this note to:

(1) Eidos’ MARKETING RESEARCH department that analyzes customers’ feedback – in hopes that some of this will make it to the developers of TR9 & subsequent releases. Much in TR8 was a result of our requests.

(2) Fellow Players: Eidos needs to know what we like, hate, & want. Please be brief with your responses unless you have some FACTS to express.


Engine great & good graphics (but not spectacular). Lara’s added moves are more reliable. The wall-run perpendicular jump needs some work.

Manor: Excellent level in itself! I trust future games will allow the FULL exploration of all rooms, basement, & attic.

Giving the player various combat & other options was innovative and good.

Best Area: ROOMs WITH POOL AND PRISM OBELISKS: The game play, graphics & machinery in this was excellent. This is so outstanding, I’m persuaded that it was done by a different designer.

Thanks for eliminating:

· Inability to hang for longer periods of time.

· Quick-burning flares or lights that burn out quick. My 2-battery penlight can burn for hours.

· Bad camera angles


CHALLENGING or ANTAGONISTIC? The “adrenaline dodge” is architected wrongly. In other games-of-the-year, you simply press a button for a short 2-4 second slow-motion effect. Let’s see – the RAGE indicator must be at max, then the screen must BLUR, then the TARGETING RETICULES must come into alignment…if the camera ANGLE is correct ….. maybe also if the PLANETS come into alignment on a FULL MOON when AARDVARKS are romantic? What utter NONSENSE! !

Inside The GREAT PYRAMID: 2nd retracting platform & useless poles: Who ever devised that we [players] can make it around ¾ of the room in a handful of seconds had better NOT meet any of us in a dark alley. THAT was the most REDICULOUS and ANTAGONISTIC part of the entire game. Some of us are NOT zit-nosed kids who have spent their allowance with nothing else better to do ALL AFTERNOON than “gee mom, look what I can do!”.

Bullet proofing bosses in TR8 is utterly ridiculous. Nothing is bullet proof except inanimate objects. This isn’t StarWars with force-fields. If players want MORE DIFFICULTY, then they can choose it from the start of the game…including commensurate time trials.

FUN vs WORK: Where’s the FUN?

Comparing notes with other TR family members & friends, it seems we all come to the same conclusion: TR1-TR4 were FUN to play. I’ve played these numerous times – including all the GOLD versions. Why is that? They were NOT antagonistic.

I loved running the snowmobile over those mercenaries with their loud “Ahhh Ooooo Gaahhhh” and jumping the ravine gaps & sometimes landing in a pool to emerge at a MYSTEROUS temple with guards with spears (TR2). These gave the player some LATITUDE instead of forcing them thru the SAME slamming door hallway EVERY time.

Besides bugs fighting the BOSS in TR6 & TR7, it was repeated in TR8. Thanks for ROYAL screw-up #3. With that track record, it will occur in TR9. Maybe an OPTION on the menu called “Boss-Software-Bug-Skip”?

For BOSS fights in the really GREAT games, the designers give the option to use the player’s intelligence by giving places to hide & be clever instead of Duhhh, just run around on a FLAT SURFACE and shoot.

You blew it in TR6 & you missed it again in TR7 when Lara could have easily shot off a hanging stalactite to terminate the serpent instead of the long laundry list of “requirements” that had to lineup for NIRVANA to happen. In TR8 you pushed many of your clientele to the wall.

[U]Wish List:

If the E-button makes Lara shimmy faster & climb ladders faster, it would be nice to have it cause her to SPRINT when running.

Lara needs to be able to draw her PISTOL on a LADDER, rope, on the GRAPPLING line and in the SQUAT position (I think that was done in TR3 or 4)

Missed lots of opportunity to climb on vines.

Grappling hook used for “any” wall, not just specific places….and the ability to climb all the way to the top & pull up. Same going down: step to the edge, press the button. This gives the player great latitude. I couldn’t believe my eyes where someone on the forum suggested “eliminating the grapple”. Perhaps the grapple needs to hook BEFORE making the “leap of faith”.

Alternate “brain work” levels with “shoot ‘em up” levels. Remember Lara is an explorer & adventurer – not a Sam Fisher high-tech commando.

Make the game FUN, not WORK.

Great composers didn’t cease with Mozart, Beethoven, & Strauss. There are plenty of spectacular composers today. In like manner, solicit innovation from the forums: there are lots of smart & innovative people out there. I’m sure your “legal” department can word the request (no expected royalties). One good thought might just make you a few $million. Hummm…is EARTH the only planet with tombs?

3rd Feb 2008, 03:58
I just hope it continues with the damn story, and doesnt take some twisted turn.

3rd Feb 2008, 04:40
I think I have mentioned this on other topics...

Greatly cut down on the puzzles with "timed" elements, like retracting platforms, retracting poles, descending ledges, etc. Lose the "Boss Fights" that require some special tactic, or series of tactics to defeat, especially if you do not give any hints ahead of time how to determine the "special" tactic. I remember reading a post on the IMDB.com website for TR: Anniversary where a person stated that they, their father and their mother spents months trying to defeat the centaur in TR: Anniversay.

-Great graphics
-Great puzzles
-Great levels and exploration
-Great atmosphere
-Zip and Allister
-And of course....Lara Croft (*swoon*) :p