View Full Version : MISC. Region locking

12th Dec 2013, 17:15
I vote no, I can see no gameplay related reason for this to be implemented.

12th Dec 2013, 17:19
Let it be known, anyone who says yes will be immediately blackballed by the community :P

12th Dec 2013, 17:20
I vote no, I can see no gameplay related reason for this to be implemented.

Distance from local servers increases lag, which would negatively impact game performance.

12th Dec 2013, 17:21
Everything is hitscan so that point is fairly moot. This game is totally playable at 120 ping or more.

12th Dec 2013, 22:43
Really haven't noticed lag, and it doesn't seem to negatively impact my performance, I actually find I do better playing on the American servers (possibly just because I'm a 4am kinda guy).
I think server selection is better than server restriction, DOTA Does server selection. Basically server selection lets players choose which servers to use and select 1 or more. If a person has a bad connection then they can select the local server, if a player has a connection that can handle it then they can select more distant servers.

Like I said I'm a 4am kinda guy and often this leads me to need to play on American servers for other games so I can actually get a team and have enemies as European servers at 4am get dead.

12th Dec 2013, 22:52
Not to point towards a ton of other games that don't use region locking, I only notice the occasional player lagging so badly that they aren't affected by my attacks. I have made friends in other countries and now am kinda annoyed that I am not allowed to play with them after a long sucky work day.

13th Dec 2013, 12:26
No region locking please, its totally silly. Especially because as Oroibahazopi said its all hitscan anyway. Also you can see what your ping is very easily, if its too high and your experiencing issues you should probably join a different server.

It would be great though to have the option to lock yourself to a region. But please don't force it on us.

13th Dec 2013, 13:20
I don't see much difference between playing the EU server sometimes to the US - they can both be as bad as each other.
Personally I will be highly disappointed if this game gets region locked.
As Strike said - optional locking might be a good idea.

13th Dec 2013, 13:42
Region lock in Closed Alpha --> Fine can accept that.
Region lock in Closed Beta --> Can accept that
Region lock in 1st half of OB --> Can accept that
Region lock in 2th half of OB --> Remove Region lock (Compare connection to server + players online IF this is equal to a fixed standard = join game)
Region lock in release --> No please don't I want to shoot some people from China, Japan, Tokio, USA, etc.

(I got a 4 - 15 ping in EU server btw :D) Love the dutch servers.