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1st Feb 2008, 19:00
I was recently lucky enough to visit Eidos/London, to view the Pre Alpha stage demo ... You can read about our trip and findings HERE http://www.tombraiderboard.com/index.php?showtopic=9090

Hope you enjoy the report :D

1st Feb 2008, 19:43
I'll add it's well worth reading. Still wish I could have been there, too, though. ;)

William Croft
1st Feb 2008, 19:52
I'm jealous of you :( Oh well thanks for that :thumbsup: Good finds :D

Woahhh Look at this;
She is able to swan dive and shoot... Amazing or what?? Can't wait.

1st Feb 2008, 22:37
I love the report, she wrote it very well and you can listen to the audio version of the report, with a Lara Croft voice :) very sweet..

Great work!

1st Feb 2008, 22:52
Was that what we saw only for 50% done..?
How stunning must it look when it's 100% done?!! :eek:
It was just.. wow.. good writing, I liked it!
Many times thank you for this :D

1st Feb 2008, 23:06
yes the weather system was only 50% completed when we viewed the demo, pre alpha stage ... and was pretty awsome I can tell you ... we have much to look forward to :D

rabid metro
2nd Feb 2008, 03:29
i'm hungry ...

2nd Feb 2008, 11:58
Listening to the audio report. What a lovely voice... :)

2nd Feb 2008, 12:37
she send us yesterday her bloopers :D so funny

2nd Feb 2008, 12:38
With a voice like that, she has to have a total potty-mouth. Effin' and blindin' all over the place... Tell me it is so... :D

2nd Feb 2008, 13:31
LOL I'm jealous too :D
good job :thumbsup:

2nd Feb 2008, 17:14
WOW :eek:

Read it last night but was to tired to post. You so lucky, just wish i could go to eidos and look at the game, maybe try it out and bring home a few copys of the demo :D

If i ever got offered to go to eidos i would never turn it down.....