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Sub Hunter
31st Jan 2008, 18:51
Oh My God!!!!

I was on the last mission of the Submarine Challenges, I decided to sacrifice the I-26 as a decoy as my I-25 traveled at crush depth all the way to the carrier in a bee line. I got their successfully and both subs made it, the I-25 hit the carrier, putting her within 1-2 more torpedos of sinking. However, by this time the oxygen level caused it to automatically surface, no worries, the ships where off focusing on the I-26, which was eventually sunk, I finally dove back down with the I-25 and was JUST about to get close to finish off the carrier when a damn PT boat depth charges me to Davey Jones's locker.

I tried the BSM Wiki that was made, but still had no success.

Does anyone have any other advice for completing this challenge? It's the only one I have left.

1st Feb 2008, 00:19
That's not as bad as what happened to me


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