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31st Jan 2008, 08:31
I apologise in advance if this topic already been covered. and i will say im not very good with games but my son wanted me to try and sort this

the game loads ok but when it is loaded the mouse moves very slow and jerkily. I increased the ram in computer thinking this would solve the problem but it hasnt.

the comp is a pentium 4 with 3.4
2gb ram
winfast 6200 graphics card

any help with this would be much appreciated

many thanks

Lord Beldingford
7th Jul 2008, 10:27
Have you tried raising mouse sensetivity? Its in the options for all hitman games I think.

7th Jun 2010, 19:04
I think just do as I say,
Right Click,
My computer,
Select properties,
Click on the Hardware Tab,
Click "Device Manager" button,
In the Device Manager,
go to
Mice and other pointing devices
Select your PS/2 if it is mouse,
Right click it,
Select properties,
In the Properties,
Click on the "Advanced Settings" tab.
Increase the sample rate and Enjoy the game.
I hope it will work.