View Full Version : Plz Do This For The Forum !

30th Jan 2008, 15:48
hi well this is a new forum opened for TR:U and i think they should take care of it well they should open a sticky thread :
1- for the fan art
2- for the news
3- for chatting and suggest thread for TR:U

so the TR:U forum will be more elegant not messy :o

rabid metro
31st Jan 2008, 05:08
i would suggest a sticky called something like "walkthrough-wiki".
that thread would contain posts from all sorts of hosts.
any member could be a teacher, as each post would have a feature:
a message title might be~ "Mexico rewards for the PS3",
or "Zombie killing made easy", or something else suitably cheesy,
thus enabling topic search by keywords, for all of the "TR:U" geek-nerds ...

31st Jan 2008, 11:56
You are right, they could make a few sticky threads and it would make it easier to find - but unfortunately not necessarily tidier. It would be good to keep everything under headings such as 'news' or 'fan art' but that wouldn't stop people making their own threads up.

Look what happened - and still does - when the news of TRU started to surface, members were starting new threads about the same bit of news, over and over. It didn't matter that they were repeating stuff. Sometimes, the mods will combine two threads, to neaten it up.

Stickies are good, but it won't necessarily make the forum tidier. People will always create new threads.

I would have liked it if the new forum for TRU had it's own theme top pic and colour like the TRA one does, but at least we have it here now.

31st Jan 2008, 13:13
agree with you ppl and rai yr right the members will creat there own postes but still it would be more good if they opned some sticky threads :D