View Full Version : why this happen ??? regret for buying 25

29th Jan 2008, 05:27
I got an pirated version of TTL.exe
and I got lots of problem earlier...

ok...now I got the original version...
everytime I am ready for the game...and this TTL stuff will crashed as soon as the game being counting down...

double :mad2:

pls ..any advise will be happily accepted....many thanks ~!


8th Mar 2008, 14:25
lol dont cheat then dumbass !:lol:

28th Sep 2008, 23:42
You're going to pirate a game and then go to the official forums asking for help on it?

That's like walking into a bank, stealing their money, and then asking them if you could deposit it into your savings account.

29th Sep 2008, 17:41
Looks like you didn't think that one through. :lol: Sometimes clothes glitches will do that 2. :lol: