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29th Jan 2008, 00:26
The latest update at tombraiderchronicles.com!

29th Jan 2008, 01:00
The video? I thought that it was really interesting

29th Jan 2008, 01:10
theres concept art too.

29th Jan 2008, 01:14
wut thing i should check out ?

29th Jan 2008, 01:34
the january 28th update on the left side of the page!

rabid metro
29th Jan 2008, 02:51
the Core stuff certainly has that familiar feel to it, but i couldn't help but make the contrast between her movements now in TRL/A and what was shown in that video. to me, in that video, her movements and T-Rex/raptor movements seemed unreal (that's not good). i guess i really like her new movement better. The Core worlds were certainly more colorful but i can't say better ...

this was interesting trivia ... now, on to TRU facts and fancies.

29th Jan 2008, 14:24
She does seem static when standing still, but then sometimes I get tired of the back and forth sway that's becomes so common these days. Like all characters suddenly got ADHD or something and have to fidget.

I'd sell my right arm to have her run and jump that high again though. *wipes eye*

29th Jan 2008, 20:43
The vid was very interesting. It goes to show how different the TR games are now. To be honest I think this is a good thing in the sense that Lara needed to be pushed into the 21st centuary and changes had to be made in order for the games to fly off the shelves again!

29th Jan 2008, 22:52
Dunno why but this vid reminded me of Revelations? :scratch:

It does look interesting, Lara's movements seem to be a combination of the older games and those in AOD. I'm thinking about the silly arms raised above her head whilst holding the guns, her jumping and the grab feature. Rexy wasn't even moving either...I'm not saying it is bad, parts of it looked really well done and obviously this was just the trailer, so it wasn't finished.

Personally I think CD moved the series in the right direction. I prefer Lara's looks and movements etc. I don't mind the swaying so much as Lara has these fun animations whilst she waits.

I'm sure there are plenty of people here who would have preferred the core game had it ever been released, based on Lara's (and by the looks of it, the camera's) movements that are apparent in this vid.

29th Jan 2008, 22:56
If it were ever released, leaked or whatever, I'd still play through, but I can't help but notice how clunky it feels.

29th Jan 2008, 23:12
Oh yes! I'd definitely play if it became available. :)

30th Jan 2008, 00:27
I liked the look of a lot of the areas as apposed to CD's but I think CD's without a doubt would have been better had both been released!

1st Feb 2008, 21:20
Never knew that Core were planning their own Anniversary before CD got their hands on Tomb Raider. It's ultra-interesting to see two versions of the same game, done from different points of view.

While this demo does not hope to compete with the finished CD games, I like the approach, and I can see that they were going in a similar direction with the games. I really like the T-Rex in this one, but the game obviously had a long way to go graphics-wise. Had two such games been released, I would have picked Core's one, because they do have a more colourful approach. Also they shaped Lara, and kept her still an adventurer for need, not to find out what happened to her parents - a story aspect that still bugs me about the 'new' Lara.

1st Feb 2008, 21:48
Already a thread on Cores AE here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=75156). :)