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28th Jan 2008, 13:00
Hi all, I have decided to get back into making levels again, its been a long time and oddly enough I can't find any of my posts from my old account in the archives, all the same instead of me spamming threads about questions I cannot find the answer to it would make much more sense to place them here. Also, they won't be extremely basic ones such as "how do I trigger a baddy" but more detailed problems I will most likely experience, for now my only problem is I cannot locate the tutorial on this website that shows you how to edit the options.INI and other files to create your custom level and give it a name on the start menu when you load tomb raider. Something to do with copying another levels wad and sam files ect but its been such a long time I cannot remember

Thanks for all the help in advance

Edit: Oh I managed to do it from what I could remember, but a more serious problem I have is that Lara is no longer shooting at enemies, they still behave correctly and attack her yet the game isn't recognizing them as any threat and aiming is set to automatic of course :P

ReEdit: Oh never mind, it was a conflict with a custom level I have, In fact I remember being known around here as the person who managed to learn by his edits xD

An interesting question I do have at the moment is how do I change the horizon of the level, I am messing about making a little level for practicing with the LE again and I forgot how to change the background, at the moment its just the standard karnak one and I have made my own I would like to use :P

29th Jan 2008, 07:53
You mean the horizon or the sky?
The horizon is an object. You have to add it to your wad. Then in the script you have to put HORIZON=ENABLED. In the level, you texture areas where you want to see the horizon with the top left black color below the 3D view. It shows white in winroomedit, but shows the sky/horizon in game.
The sky is a raw image file, 256x256 pixels 24-bit RGB format in BGR order. Give the image the name of your wad with .RAW extension. tom2pc will find it and use it instead of the default pcsky.raw.

29th Jan 2008, 09:02
Hi all, I have decided to get back into making levels again, its been a long time and oddly enough I can't find any of my posts from my old account in the archives

in 2002 we changed forum software and all the threads at that point were lost

however, I did save the entire TRLE forum back then and you can find it as an archive here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=18735)

29th Jan 2008, 09:36
Haha awesome thanks driber, and wow 9,000 pages O.o If I get time later I will look through it ;P

And thanks to you aktrekker, got it working nicely now.

Oh just on the off chance is there any links to advanced LE creation tips such as making things like bridges from connecting rooms and such. I have a rough idea of how to attempt it, gave it a go and failed. Basically just being lazy and wondering if there is any textual or pictorial tuts on that nature. Oh and another random question, I looked around TRSearch for pushable blocks, I don't mind what texture as well...I can re texture it but just one that works is more than enough ^^

Thanks for reading :3

Edit: Its alright, I just used stripex or w/e its called and made my own and textured it woot...

One important thing I was thinking about is why does the NGLE lag very badly when I have the textures shown and/or showing linked rooms. I mean my comp isn't the best but its a dual core with a nvidia 8800GTX xD, Im wondering if its some nifty feature to stop the flying bug when trying to control and move about in the LE but its more of a hindrance now as I had a small level only 7 rooms large and the lag was crazy, anyone know why ? :P

30th Jan 2008, 07:55
NGLE does have a slow down feature to stop the spinning problem. It can make things very slow at other times. There is a feature somewhere to hide objects that is supposed to speed it up some. But you have to remember to unhide them before you output the wad or the objects won't be there.

Bridges are rather simple. Have 2 stacked rooms. In the top room, raise sectors to make the bridge. Then select the entire upper room and make it a door. The raised sectors will still be there to act as a bridge.
You can also lower ceiling sectors in the bottom room instead. Or you can do a combination of both to make the bridge kind of like a hill.

30th Jan 2008, 13:27
Oh ok, I will look around for that I noticed the objects do indeed cause some epic lag hehe... and thanks again for the advice, I will try that later I never thought of a door bieng a hill-ish shape but it makes perfect sense when making a curved bridge xD

31st Jan 2008, 15:30
Hehe yeah it worked nicely, at the moment I'm having problems with flip maps, it worked as I am making a water room but the water texture for when its only meant to show when flipped is visible even when the flip map hasn't been activated.

The next problem is the water doesn't animate, so I went to animate the textures and its extremely fast and unrealistic, so i'm not sure what to do there.

The last problem is quite complex, once this water flip map room has been activated Lara is meant to pull two underwater switches that open a large door and trigger a camera sequence, I did it correctly with the OCB settings and such, and also the correct triggers but it doesn't work, whats even odder is with these switches she doesn't do the pulling animation, where as on the same type of switch earlier in the level she does.

Edit: Just noticed that in the flipped room, not only are the switches gone but also all the scripting, is this normal ? I tried to add them into it and said that you cannot place non static objects in a flipped room xD this is confusing >.>

And also I noticed the water movement and wave animations dont play when the room isnt of a particular size, as in for example where all the boarders of the room are flat around the water, meaning in real life if there was waves it would splash all over onto the ground. What I dont understand is after making all areas surrounding the water raised some why it still does not work. Do the walls need to be split or of the same split levels around the entire room? or is it related to the way the two rooms are connected ? as you can see I have a little bit of knowledge about it but not enough to know how to always make effective water rooms with waves.

(waves i mean the water effect in the LE where you choose the intensity from 1 to 4 :3)

Any help or advice is appreciated :3 thanks ^^

1st Feb 2008, 07:58
Non-static objects must be placed in the normal room. They will be copied to the flipmap when it is triggered. You will have to design the flipmap to handle this, like put the underwater switches in a place she can't get to until the flipmap.

I think the waves don't work if the room is too small. They kind of cancel each other out or something. I don't know what the minimum size is.
It is possible you might have to flip the room above the water room as well. I seem to remember sometime way back that there was a problem like this. Flipping both the water room and the room above got it working right.

1st Feb 2008, 12:27
as for the waves problem: waves are always "attached" to a wall, ie they are stuck to a wall and start to bob up and down more the further you are from a wall. this means that if you have a water room of just 1 square, it will not bob because the water is "attached" to all sides of the square.

the same principle applies to connected rooms, it doesn't matter if there is a portal, it is still a small room and the water is still stuck to the invisible wall that makes up the portal

your best bet would be to create a single large room that covers the entire water surface. if you need something under the water to be flipped, then just make the room where the water surface is 1 or 2 clicks high and then you can connect different rooms further under water that will flip independently from each other

1st Feb 2008, 13:17
Hmm now that is interesting, the room im working on is about 10x10 squares with a bridge going over the water that is 3 clicks wide in the mid section. What is odd is how it wont bobble and wave about although there is more than enough room, also I made sure to set the wave intensity to 3 also heh. I tried the flip map again with the room above and it worked hehe, although the lever switch is still completely screwed O.o, no animation and the triggers don't work :P

I have gone and made a flip map where the room with all the triggers and switches isn't in the flipped room. Hopping that will work ^^