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27th Jan 2008, 23:04
How is everyone doing? :)

27th Jan 2008, 23:17
Grest, except for the usual crap life throws at you. Where have you been and how are your Physics endeavors coming?

Drop in a little more often. :)

29th Jan 2008, 03:48
Hi Zaccheus.:) What is happening with you? Still playing Thief? Still doing FMs?

1st Feb 2008, 15:17
Hi Zaccheus. :)

2nd Feb 2008, 10:33
Hello ya all.

I'm not thieving at the moment, waiting for TDM to go gold.

Spending most of my time in EVE Online (http://www.eve-online.com/) at the moment actually.

2nd Feb 2008, 15:41
That site looks good actually. :cool:
When you go Thieving again do play "Seven Sisters" Lady Rowena's new mission. It is just amazing. :)

3rd Feb 2008, 11:16
Cool, I'll check that one out.

19th Feb 2008, 06:01
Gads it's been a long time no see! Good to know your still breathing in and out. :D Yea, do check the FM's of late...several new ones to challenge your grey matter for sure. I have to stick with the older ones mostly right now cause my main machine is still being worked on...long story. :( Anyway, if you have T3..there are several that have been made for that one as well if your interested.

Gawual darnet, I can't even check out the demo mod for The Dark Mod either yet and that REALLY ticks me off!! :mad2: All this because I wanted to get a bigger HDD and have the related proggies that were on my XP drives transfered over to it..etc., etc. :( I just hope it's on the last legs to finally getting resolved!

Take care and Good Hunting! :)

14th Mar 2008, 22:30
Huntress. long time no see indeed.

Oh and by the way, in EVE Online I'm saving up for these: Covert operations ship (http://www.eve-online.com/itemdatabase/EN/ships/covertops/minmatar/11182.asp) with a Cloaking Device (http://www.eve-online.com/itemdatabase/EN/shipequipment/electronicsandsensorupgrades/cloakingdevices/11578.asp).

I haven't forgotten my roots.

14th Mar 2008, 23:02
That game looks as confusing as all get-out to me. :nut: Also take much time of some hard research to figure all that stuff out and how to play. Those various trees seem a very daunting learning curve to figure out and if you don't understand tech stuff...it's all moot! :D

If your enjoying it, and seems you are...then good luck in getting your prize and sink-m good! LOL

16th Mar 2008, 09:15
LOL, yes, they do say EVE has a huge learning curve.

However, DromeEd has prepared me well: After mastering DromEd, all software seems easy and intiutive.


18th Mar 2008, 01:24
Don't understand why they had to make it so complex??? It surely must limit a lot of players from joining in, seems to me. However there is one MP that might get me to play...Battlefield Heros. It sortof a twist on TF2 except it's free and you get matched with players on your own level of play, etc. Not hard core but just looks like some fun play. :) My speed! Also you can either buy your stuff/equipment or just put extra time and play your way to get your items...also my perferred method. I'll just have to wait and see how it goes whenever it gets done for release. :whistle:

18th Mar 2008, 21:56
I've loaded up "Seven Sisters" and will give it a go in the next few days.

21st Mar 2008, 09:28
When you go Thieving again do play "Seven Sisters" Lady Rowena's new mission. It is just amazing. :)
I've played the prolog this morning, it looks great!

22nd Mar 2008, 02:08
7S is in the Top 5 FMs of all time IMHO. Right up there with the classics.

4th Apr 2008, 20:41
Good to know your still breathing in and out. :D

On that note ... I had another medical check-up today and all is well ! I'm healthy healthy healthy. :)

Shadow Creepr
4th Apr 2008, 21:10
I was wondering how you were doing. Glad to hear all is well with your health now. :)

4th Apr 2008, 21:49

6th Apr 2008, 13:00
Seven Sisters is just fantastic.
I would praise all the authors of fan missions anyway, always in awe.The time and work that goes into them for us to play.
Thinking up all the story lines as well. keeping Thief alive.

Not my call , I was Sorry to read you had been ill though, Zaccheus. Then I am a newbie, compared to many. Good to read you are well now though. :)