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27th Jan 2008, 10:18
I really enjoy Deus Ex games and I think the series' strong suit is exploring new frontiers in science fiction. It would be really exciting for a future Deus Ex game to, at some point, focus on cyclic model universe theories. It's such a cool, awe inspiring source for science fiction goodness.

Here, I made a crazy picture of a cyclic universe.
I even have a crazy story brewed up which manages to capture a human element the viewer can relate to, while managing to bleed into truly amazing possibilities.
Fits into the whole 'deus ex machina' nature perfectly too! :eek:

Just to explain the picture. The infinity symbol, eta, fini, and tau are part of the story. It's referring to parts of a cyclic model that exist in a finite space and time. Matter and energy, through the natural laws of physics, eventually reach a threshold which forces them into a phantom energy and matter state. That phantom energy and matter flows backwards in time. It influences matter and energy in that it speeds them both up in order to reach their threshold faster. Eventually phantom matter and energy reach their own threshold and convert back to a matter and energy state.
This flow causes space time to loop back around and intersect with itself in the middle, 2 singularity type events (mass and phantom) collide at this point and an instability occurs which results in the Big Bang.
This cycle exists because what the universe is trying to achieve is currently impossible. Intelligence life exists because this cycle allows it. The universe cannot achieve it's 'perfect state' and is, through it's own design, evolving to create an intelligence which can help it to achieve that perfect state. Unfortunately there is a conflict of interests here. The perfect state cannot sustain intelligent life! And intelligent life exists due to it's indomitable will to survive. :(

Parts of the story involve intelligent life's subconscious ability to process phantom energy's flow, which is highly chaotic in appearance, and partially recognize due to it's backward flow it is, in a way, echoing future events. It's how subconsciously mankind's past discoveries were named in such a way as to help explain future discoveries, such as the infinity symbol's appearance and name, the greek letters eta and tau's defined uses in physics and much more. Our minds are subconsciously processing information from future events and unaware to us, our cognitive functions are influenced by them.
It also aids intelligent life in decreasing the resistance between cause and effect, thereby facilitating omnicausality. The omnicausality principle is the rule that present actions are also influenced by what hasn't happened yet. Matter/energy action/reaction creates constant paradoxs which need to be ironed out through continuous diversion of phantom energy flow.
This 'ironing out' process slows down the rate at which energy and matter can travel as phantom energy's nature is to facilitate the laws of physics. Phantom energy can be thought of as oil in the engine. The faster cause reaches effect the more quickly and fluidly phantom energy flows, allowing faster action/reaction of energy and matter.
I have some game play ideas that focus on that. They are pretty insane.

The story is mostly about what happens when a mind is artificially augmented to observe omnicausality and use it to achieve a perception of ridiculous proportions. This perception has it's drawbacks known as the insanity index. Essentially the mind can in various ways process so much information it cannot put it into the right context and the main character begins seeing truths in the form of massive delusions and spiritual like phenomenon. That's another game play idea to help give clues to the main character in order to solve puzzles and guide them through the story.
The main character is aided by a cool device called the PMHID, Physics Manipulation Human Interface Device (it looks like an arm brace complete with it's own cognitive A.I.). The PMHID will observe the results of it's own use by the main character and develop new functions as well as new branches of physics, such as negaphysics (manipulation of phantom matter/energy), omniphysics (manipulation of matter/energy and phantom matter/energy interaction), and 'gulp' transcendiary physics (something so scary the PMHID will attempt to trick the main character into terminating themselves and destroying the PMHID, in order to remove transcendiary physic's possible potential influence on the universe!)
What happens in the end is probably something nobody would expect! :nut:

Phew! I went overboard on the description there. Someday, I will completely flesh out my story and submit it, but for now let's just discuss the fun possibilities a future Deus Ex title could have with the idea of a cyclic model universe.
If such topics are allowed here. :scratch:

Edit: Here's some of the story so far.

The main character is called an A.I.M.I or artificially integrated multilateral intelligence. It's a woman who was chosen to be part of a project created in order to develop a human intelligence capable of processing massive amounts of information and trying to make sense of it using abstract and rational thought functions. The project staff call the main character Aimie for short. But her real name I haven't decided yet.

When she is augmented and her augmentations activated, she eventually reveals what she's perceived as the true nature of the universe and how it's trying to reach a perfect state which unfortunately does not support humanities' existence.
The project team's reaction splits them into either wanting to study her or destroy her. She is helped to escape and her processing capabilities lowered in order to provide a way for her to socially blend in with the public.

The PMHID, and various other technologies comes into her possession because she is being mysteriously guided through what she experiences when slipping into almost spiritual states of madness due to conflicts with her natural brain functions and the powerful information processors she is augmented with.

Her fight to escape the manhunt hellbent on destroying her, and curiosity in learning about the mysterious force acting as a guide, will force her to learn much about humanities affairs, aspirations and dilemmas. As a result the pros and cons of intelligent life's influence on the universe becomes clear to her, which ultimately will help her to choose what it is that must be done.

28th Jan 2008, 07:02
You’re a bit over my head. :scratch:

I think your game would appeal to Steven hawking. lol :lol:

28th Jan 2008, 08:54
I'm just glad you read it G.A.Pster. I was worried nobody would bother.
I'm sure if Stephen Hawking looked at it, he'd find it childishly quaint. :(

Maybe Stephen Baxter (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_baxter) would get a kick out of it. His photino birds (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xeelee#Photino_birds) are kinda like an enemy I was thinking could exist at one point. An intelligent life somehow created out of phantom matter which ages everything it saturates.

G.A.Pster, your comment about Donnie Darko in another topic has inspired me to explain part of what Aimi sees when in all her insanity states.

Phantom energy/matter(I'll call it PEM) flows backwards and it is both affected by and affects energy/matter(EM). The more PEM that saturates EM, the more resistance EM has against natural forces and as a result the faster it goes.
Since PEM flows backwards from future EM actions, it can be filtered through and show echo's of future paths objects will take. If an object doesn't take that exact path a minor paradox is created and PEM within that object disperses in the future and reassembles in the appropriate dimensions in the present. This causes EM to slow down since PEM is being directed away from it briefly decreasing the EM's resistance to natural forces.

Similar to how in Donnie Darko people had strange trails in front of them showing where they were headed, objects to Aimi have faint glowing trails emitting out from them.

When these trails are fanning out in an arc of directions it means that entity, person or object, is going to move in a general direction at some point in the future. When the trail is very sharp and precise the entity is going to move in a very predictable direction. Blue trails mean the path is largely irrelevant, it's not mandatory. As the paths become more red it signifies that it is an event that needs to happen or else matter/energy associated with it will slow down to a stop. Blue involve actions considered a minor paradox which are resolvable, red are events which are a major paradox and are irreconcilable.

Aimi has her own blue and red paths too. When she follows her blue paths, which can fan out or be very precise, the more accurately she follows them the more she is facilitating 'omnicasuality' and as a result her matter and energy speed up because PEM is freely flowing through her uninterrupted, thereby increasing her resistance to natural forces.
If she fails to follow her blue paths her speed slowly normalizes.
If she attempts to contradict a red path associated with her, her matter and energy slow down because she is attempting to create an irreconcilable paradox. Because PEM is taking so long to sort out it's being redirected away from her, which is vastly decreasing her resistance to forces. Red paths are incredibly rare, but when they do appear care needs to be taken in how they are handled.
Hypothetically speaking if she were to travel back in time and tried to kill herself , which I won't even say is possible because in the story world only PEM can travel backwards, she would slow down or even completely stop on every attempt she makes.

The choice to follow her blue paths, or force objects to precisely follow their blue paths, is mostly done to speed up the physics of the associated object or herself. The attempt to contradict her red paths or force an object/entity to contradict it's red path will slow the physics associated with herself or that object down.

If an object or Aimi is sped up incredibly fast, then abruptly slowed on purpose, it will cause multiple instances of Aimi or that object to appear in the same space time. If Aimi or that object is performing an action it will stack! Such as using an ability or firing a weapon.
This effect is called Exponent Synergy. Aimi is the only one capable of doing this as she is the only one who can observe and sort out the phantom energy echos of what hasn't happened yet and use that information to either progress time naturally or attempt to contradict it. Apart from the PMHID device it is her most important ability.

28th Jan 2008, 11:17
What happens in the end is probably something nobody would expect! :nut:

You don't say.. :nut:

Nice picture... :thumbsup:

28th Jan 2008, 12:03
You're making fun of me! :nut:
hee hee
I ramble too much.

In that last post of mine I should have just said she can see the paths of least resistance in the flow of time and follow them to speed up if she wishes.

28th Jan 2008, 13:13
This is intriguing, but IMHO not very DX. Reminiscent of the sort of themes in the little manga/anime I've seen (as in the theme is sort of speculative philosophy).

29th Jan 2008, 12:18
You're making fun of me! :nut:

Not at all.. The stuff is just too mind-boggling for me. :o

Inane Mythos
30th Jan 2008, 03:41
Very interesting read and some nice ideas (Always had an interest in space, matter, dark-matter etc.), and would like to see an indie game developer pick up on this.

5 Stars for Innovation. :thumbsup:

30th Jan 2008, 06:39
The initial concept came from scientists observations concerning dark matter and energy and it's affects on regular energy and matter which could explain why the universe is expanding faster and faster.
Scientists have observed cosmic behaviour that suggests that a form of dark energy they call phantom energy affects matter and energy in a way that may eventually lead to a big rip in the universe.

All I added to it was a crazy idea that phantom energy and matter used to be regular energy and matter that eventually reached a threshold in physics causing it to change states. It then travels backwards in time to speed the rest of matter and energy up in order to reach an inevitable outcome faster.
I simply made an assumption about dark matter and energy which facilitated a model for a cyclic universe and lots of fun ideas came about as a result. Especially what I came up with concerning the 'perfect state' the universe is attempting to achieve, but is failing at doing so. :nut:

30th Jan 2008, 07:56
Woah. Interesting concepts...maybe Valve would be interested now that they're done with Portal...:D

30th Jan 2008, 08:08
Oh my goodness. I never even thought about Valve.
It's funny because what happens in Half Life could happen as a result of what I had planned to happen in this story.

I'm a spoiling a large part of the end of the story here. I'm worried about doing this.
Although I won't spoil the nature of the perfect state, it is eventually made possible by breaking everything down into an immeasurable number of parallel micro-universes.

Intelligent life continues to develop in a huge number of possibilities, even though the universe becomes what it was meant to be. This unknowingly results in opening such a huge number of possibilities in the development of intelligent life that it leads to the creation of phantom energy/matter life which parallels the devil definition to Aimi's god-like definition.
Even though phantom life manages to spread and evolve throughout the lattice of parallel universes, Aimi is ultimately unwilling to interfere because the very existence of phantom intelligence is considered an impossible manifestation and needs to be preserved and studied.

This leads to the parallel universe wars. Wars involving different developed intelligences fighting each other and working to fight this phantom legion. Humans exist in this war, but they are a variety of slightly different versions of the human presence in the original universe. The conflict is further stressed when it is revealed that the force which created all of them is unwilling to intervene. Half-life largely revolves around wars between parallel universes too. :eek:

30th Jan 2008, 19:41
This is a game concept is great. But is seems to stray a little bit off the Deus Ex story line.

You should probably make your own game ;) It would be pretty cool:D