View Full Version : what is with this game?

26th Jan 2008, 22:31
I have spent countless hours trying to get this game to play:(

I have uninstalled and reinstalled, uninstalled drivers, reinstalled drivers :mad2:

None of the above works at all. The game loads fine, gets into my game let me plays for a minute or so then I get the "program has stopped responding" check online for a solution or close program. Neither of them work and I have to crtl alt delete out of the game. WTF is up with this? All of my drivers are up to date and all other games run fine. Is there a fix for this or what? Any help would be great but by reading the threads on here there doesn't look like any hope for this game.

28th Jan 2008, 09:26
Same as countless others. I haven't even seen a screen from this POS yet, the game doesn't run, and still no word from Eidos. Shameful.