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26th Jan 2008, 04:18
Got a new computer and have been rummaging through a couple of my newer old games and reinstalled Thief Deadly Shadows. First, the intro movie instantly plays making it impossible to access the menu, until a system reboot. Next, the sound options are completely greyed out and cannot be checked. Third, certain actions are glitched, most notably I freeze or move very choppy (character, not frame rate) towards the lock until either it cancels or I start picking it. Finally, I randomly start sliding, as if I can't land from a jump, or start jumping randomly, and swap to third person without hitting the button to, at which point the game freezes if I enter the mission menu.

I never experienced any of this when I initially played on my old system which had frame rate issues at pretty low settings. I uninstalled and reinstalled (though didn't reboot after either), first with 1.1 patch, second unpatched. After reinstall, my quick save was still there for some reason.

System Specs:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual 6000+
2 Gigs RAM
GeForce 8800 GT vid card
SB Audigy soundcard

Any fixes, advice, etc.? Thanks

26th Jan 2008, 04:51
What operating system. If it is VISTA, or XP *which it should be as it's new* there are special tweaks you need apply. Do search foe VISTA in the "Search this forum".



Try these. But start by disabling the DUAL CORE so it runs on ONE PROCESSOR for THIEF.

Next do a general search for GEFORCE in the "Search this forum".

Geforce cards *Nvidia etc.* constantly have trouble with THIEF.

26th Jan 2008, 15:10
Forgot to mention I'm XP, sorry.

The only thing I found that could have been a potential fix was disabling one of the CPUs like you mentioned. Assuming it lets me minimize correctly to even get to task manager, unchecking one of the CPU boxes seems to have fixed nothing, and the change doesn't stick between iterations. I still stick at locks and ladders, requiring to click upwards of a dozen times to get it to work, and the EAX and etc. sound options are still unusable.

Got any other ideas to try? I'm getting rather annoyed that I suddenly can't play this game for no apparent reason.

27th Jan 2008, 00:00
Do a search for AFFINITY. That might give you a BAT permanent fix for THIEF only on the Dual core.

27th Jan 2008, 23:45
Using imagecfg has done nothing. Is there more than just T3Main.exe I need to do this for? I tried t3.exe but that just errored. I still freeze up when trying to initiate lockpick and ladder climb and often it won't update my view if I crouch or stand until I move.

28th Jan 2008, 07:09
I don't know if setting affinity will solve your problem. It can't hurt to try. BTW, I had to set affinity on both T3 and T3main to enable me to escape to the Task Manager with CRTL-ALT-DEL (hence desktop) and return.

If you have an affinity problem with T3, you need to change both T3Main.exe and T3.exe. These two EXE's call one another. No matter which one you invoke, it calls the other so both of them are running. As you have seen, IMGCFG does not work with T3.exe. I found two ways to do it on process launch.

The first was XCPU (http://www.appliedvisual.com/xcpu.htm)
You need to run XCPU in a BAT file that launches T3. A typical bat file might be as follows:

C:\Download\xCPU\xcpu.exe -a 0 -c t3.exe

Prior to running the above you need to run IMGCFG on T3Main.exe, so then they will both be single processor.

The second method was ProcessWatchV2 (http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Miscellaneous/ProcessWatchV2.shtml).
With this, you need to configure ProcessWatch for each process involved and then launch ProcessWatch before launching T3 (or anything else that uses it).

I prefer ProcessWatch because you can set any number of processes to watch, and you don't need a lot of custom bat files, and you don't need to run IMGCFG on any file. Just watch them all, e.g., both T3Main and T3. But the XCPU bat files are more transparent once you have them set up.

I am moving this to the tech support forum where it belongs.

29th Jan 2008, 02:44
Using xCPU for t3.exe brings up an error box saying there's no sound card detected and it exits before the game is loaded. It did the same with ProcessWatch after I added t3 to the monitor list. I did a reinstall and it seems unable to detect my sound card now, period, when trying to load up thief. Gonna try a reboot and edit in the result.

Reboot fixed the sound card detection, but using imagecfg for T3Main and xcpu for t3, I still suffer the same problems. It still sticks me when trying to lock pick.

I don't suppose this might help? After installing and hitting the finish button, it says the wrong volume is in the drive. The error box just stays there no matter what button I click. I put in the 1st CD, I can hit a button, then autorun errors and I am asked to error report to microsoft. Also, even installing under different folders, my save games are still there, despite uninstallation, reinstallation in new folder, and removing old folders prior to reinstallation.

29th Jan 2008, 04:21
It does seem you could have an installation issue -- that it did not finalize. When I install, I do not get the autorun error. I just close the autorun window, and it goes on and finishes.

I am just grasping at straws here, but one thing you might do is deinstall T3 (just to be safe), turn autorun off temporarily, and reinstall.


It may be worth investigating (Google) why you got the autorun error in the first place. That is beyond me, unless you have a dirty CD.

29th Jan 2008, 20:09
I cancled autorun and openned the CD manually to reinstall after an uninstall. I'll hold down shift to bypass autorun for this reinstall. I also made sure my CDs are clean of dust and finger prints. I got no autorun error this time.

No luck, nothing fixed.

What the hell...