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26th Jan 2008, 02:42
Okay, heres the deal.

1st, this question is probably answered alot, but i can't find a suitable one, all help is welcomed and highly appriciated.

Okay, I came home from school one day, Went to Blockbuster(game/movie store) and rented Kane and Lynch because of co-op, was dying for a good one

I came home turned it on and During the first level as soon as I got to the donut shop it would crash, I found it odd I looked at the disc and found a scratch, so we blamed it on that.

Then I played single player and made it all the way to breakout and after i found shelly it crashed.

So I was frustrated and the next day returned it to blockbuster, and bought the game ( again, thinking it was the disc )

I arrived home and popped in the disc, I was really freaking excited because the storyline rocks.

And to my surprise...It crashed instantly, 5 minutes into any level it would crash on co-op and would crash 10 minutes into single player

Fragile alliance has no problems, but when i bought the game, it lagged alot and crashed...

I was wondering, Does eidos intend to make a patch? or is there any way to like fix this (e.g playing offline, making new save etc etc)

And if it helps, I'm intending on trading the disc in to get another disc, maybe it'll work becuase alot of people on xbox live have the acheivements for beating the game so...Is it the programming on the disc or is it just my xbox?

Please answer, I honest to god love this game and want to finish it.

Any questions on anything, feel free to send them to me..

Thanks in advance.

26th Jan 2008, 10:31
If you've got it to play at all you're lucky. No sign of a patch but there are hundreds of people, like me, who can't play it at all. Wish I'd have rented it instead of buying it. It doesn't work!!!!