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11th Dec 2013, 19:36
Hi guys,

I've noticed that since the patch was installed the game had suffered from a series of audio glitches. I'm gonna make a list.

1) When the game "lags" (I actually just suppose it's lagging, it's like it's frameskipping) the sound lags too. This means I hear voices, abilities and weapons' sounds all jerky. They freeze for a small second, or repeat some fragments more than once before going on. It's quite annoying, but it seems to happen only when the game has troubles on its own too - which seems to happen at pure random, and mostly in some matches only, so I guess it's related to lagging.

I actually had noticed similar issues also before the patch, but nowhere as this frequently. They seemed to happen almost always when I re-spawned AND pressed TAB at the same time: then the initial sentence of the character sometimes suffered from similar issues. But it happened very rarely. Yesterday and today I had about 4-5 matches in total, and I would say the problem was there for 25-33% of the total play time.

2) Played Provance today, and from one of the building in the center, near the tower, where stood absolutely nothing, I heard a VERY high and VERY unsettling sound. It's hard to describe it; imagine a very fast-paced waterfall ending in shallow waters, but also distorted (maybe it's better to say "compressed"), and at a really high volume - like, when it was at full volume I literally had to turn down the PC sound a bit, but just seconds before I could barely hear the sentences whispered by my Reaver. The sound seems to be "composed": if I turned around a bit I clearly felt it change, as if it was made to sound differently if you have it beside, behind or in front of you. I could hear it at full volume from 8-10 meters away, then it faded and disappeared completely at about 15-20 meters. Walls in between its possible source and me nor anything else seemed to lower the volume.

This lasted for the whole match, both rounds, from the very beginning till the end. Nobody else seemed to hear it, as when I asked the others nobody really bothered to answer, and I can't believe such a high and unsettling sound would go unnoticed. I have to say I played Provance yesterday also, and I didn't hear it. BUT I had two more matches today, both in Freeport, and once I heard it there too, in that chamber you get into from the lowest road, on the left if you look at the map from the sea - where there's also a human refill station. Too bad I entered in an already ending match, so I can't say much about it.

I got screenshots of the building in Provance where this happened, but I can't assure you it's something really related to the place itself, and not something spawning at random in random positions. Now that I think about it, both times it was NEAR a refill station (but not right upon it, of this I'm sure). If you need the screenshots I'll send them to you to the email one of you guys - can't remember if it was Corey or Eric, sorry - already told me.

11th Dec 2013, 20:07
1 Can't say

2: Had that today too.

12th Dec 2013, 11:32
2: I had that a few weeks ago as well. Not sure which map though. I'm also not sure if it was the entire match or just the one side (either humans or vampires).

12th Dec 2013, 11:44
Tonight I'm gonna play, if it happens again I'm gonna record it somehow and send the audio file to the developers. Hope it might help.

Anyway, I've been playing Nosgoth a lot, and it NEVER happened to me before the patch. Played half a day after it, and it happened twice, so I'm pretty sure in saying it was what made the issue appear, at least for me.

12th Dec 2013, 21:35
Thanks mate.
I putted it in the Known bug list.

So that is what I heard in provance today.