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11th Dec 2013, 15:55
Hello everyone!

What im trying to tell is that i know there are original background renders, i mean, the original renders that they drawn at FULL RES of FF Series and they couldn't put in a CD because an amount of required space for a PSX game

Why they cant take those to make the HD re-versions? would be ABSOLUTELLY AWESOME, because this will improve brutally these FFHD's, and for me, enough for buying it (not like now...)

See this please, and it is only an example of what could be...

Final Fantasy IX Alexandria Castle

Compare this ladder
With this one, the same, but ORIGINAL DRAWN
If you want full sized images, paste them in the navigator

There is the original post where i found it... very very interesting


There is some admin or something that can answer me? its a question that eats me...

I hope you like it, thanks all and sorry if there is any mistake :D

2nd Jan 2014, 19:33
There is obvious improvement. It's a shame that the systems of yesterday couldn't handle these effects. But in hindsight, it's shocking that the PS3 ports couldn't deliver these effects for us, instead just lazily bringing it over from the old technology. Then again, these games were awesome and graphics shouldn't hinder such an experience.