View Full Version : Hitman BloodMoney- Games are not permanently saved

20th Jan 2008, 08:48

I am facing a wired problem. As I am saving the games while playing, none of those games remain permanently. When I am relaunching Hitman BM, none of those "Save Games" from my earlier game play session are there. Though in an uninterrupted session I can find "save games" of that session and can load any save game I desire, but once I am quitting and then coming back, none of those games are available. :?:

Could some one please help me to solve this problem? :(

Thank you.

9th Aug 2008, 21:43
I think it's supposed to be like that

The save games only work for the current mission, they're only there for that playthrough so you have something to go back to if you screw up. I don't think theres any way to store them permanently

10th Aug 2008, 03:39
That's weird! :scratch:

All the previous versions had the ability to store all the save games even if the game was not played continuously :eek: