View Full Version : Thief 3: Deadly Shadows Crash

18th Jan 2008, 10:54
I seem to have an issue with my hardware running this game. I was able to successfully stop the game from re-looping due to dual core processors but now have come across a great problem. When I try to adjust the keys and change the presets the game crashes automatically. I have read quite a few posts about joysticks and other such hardware failing. However, I use a Saitek Eclipse keyboard and a Logitech Mx-518 both are USB. Would the crash be due to the keyboard or mouse or both?

*EDIT* I can play the game and start it however Garrett auto walks forward and doesn't stop regardless of what buttosn I press and when I use the scroll down roller on my mouse it automatically scrolls back up.

25th Jul 2008, 05:23
I use a saitek eclipse. It doesn't crash the game. Unfortunately, Garrett moves forward continually on his own with no input when the keyboard is plugged in. So, unless there is some way of fixing that that I don't know about it wouldn't work even if it didn't crash :mad2:

so that seems to be our answer...for some reason Garrett is afraid of the eclipse and feels he has to run away from it

*edit* what has the eclipse got that other keyboards dont? lights.....I'll try it with keyboard lighting off

*edit* nah man...was a long shot but it doesn't work. it's definately the keyboard. Well...no one game is worth changing this (expensive) keyboard for. It's inexplicable and it sux but I guess I'm never going to play this game.