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17th Jan 2008, 10:57
This is for mainly PC users but may help with other console Users.

After reading the posts on here I thought that I would share a little info regarding Games for Windows with respect to Kane & Lynch:dead men.

I have happily been playing this game with no problems (after I updated my ATI Video drivers) offline for the past few days. So I decided to try the 'Live' bit. i created the profile on XBox live and hey presto - it failed.

So I left it for a few days till I have had time to figure out the problem.

Without boring you with all the technical stuff, the ISP appears to stop the default Windows Live port. My provider is Virgin Media in the UK and after digging, 'Live' is a service that is 'opened to users who have a L connection or better (4MB) but closed to users of a M (2MB) connection.

I did the following on the PC.

This is a registry change so I take NO responsibility for any changes you do or ANY problems that you create.

To check the port used by Games for Windows – LIVE

1. On your PC, start your game. Press the Guide button (center round button) on your controller or the Home key on your keyboard to open the Guide.
2. After signing in, click Personal Settings, Network Information.
3. Look at the entry for Internet IP Address. The number after the colon is your port. Request that your network administrator open this port.

If you can't get the port opened on your network, you can override it.

To override the port used by Games for Windows – LIVE

1. Open your registry in the Windows registry editor.


Make sure you back up the Windows registry before editing it. For information about working with the registry, see the Knowledge Base article Windows registry information for advanced users.

2. Navigate to the following registry key:

3. Add a new DWORD value. Enter LivePortOverride as the name and the new port number as the value. This value must be greater than 5000 and less than 65535. Enter it in DECIMAL. (I chose 51234)

This worked for my provider and Kane and Lynch. I have not tried this on ANY other Live game or console. I don't know if you can change th default port on consoles so I do not know if this (changing the default port) cures your Live connection problems. It may stop other 'Live' games from working.

In a nutshell, changing the default port and making sure it is allowed through my local firewalls worked for me. I have just played my 1st chapter online and now have a massive 20 game rating :)

I hope that this post will point you PC users in the correct direction.

18th Jan 2008, 23:16
Just let me know if it helped.:lol: :scratch:

23rd Jun 2008, 23:47
It's been a while but heres an update:

The above port opening/fix works on Gears of War as well as call of Duty 4.

Hope y'all find the info useful.:cool: