View Full Version : Thief2 on XP via Apple Bootcamp (Leopard)

(©Ön§ciøüs) p®ògRåm
16th Jan 2008, 15:38

Here's hoping you can help ('cos I love T2). I've installed T2 v1.18 on my XP partition on my MacBook. Every time I play it crashes (screen freeze). I've tried playing it on the lowest settings (low detail/low screen res etc.), but nothing helps. Sometimes it'll last for up to 10 minutes before crashing...

My specs are:

Intel Core 2 2GHz
2016MB RAM

Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset: GMA 950 with 224MB RAM (running at 60Hz)

(also Sigma Tel Audio)

(Just FYI I'm also running VMware Fusion v1.0 which doesn't run Thief2 at all, but apparently the 1.1 update tackles 3D gameplay...I'll have to see)


(©Ön§ciøüs) p®ògRåm

26th Jan 2008, 08:23
Have you tried the dual core fix? Do a search for "affinity."

(©Ön§ciøüs) p®ògRåm
26th Jan 2008, 21:00
Yeah, I've sussed this out now (by reading previous posts). Disabling one of the CPUs does the job - thanks. :thumbsup: