View Full Version : STORE Permantly purchased gear Expired after 12/10 update

10th Dec 2013, 23:22
After the 12/10/13 Patch, I've noticed that My permanent purchases have been expired.
It says I still own the gear but its expired and I cant use it. If I hover over the perk it says "Warning: you already own this gear". Is anyone else having this issue?

10th Dec 2013, 23:28
My 7 day item expired before expected, have not purchased anything permanent to confirm that though.

11th Dec 2013, 00:02
All my permanent stuff is still unlocked. Are you sure you permanently unlocked the items?

11th Dec 2013, 00:19
All expired temp gear doesn't disappear after it's timer runs out.

11th Dec 2013, 00:21
All expired temp gear doesn't disappear after it's timer runs out.

You have to delete it by yourself from your inventory.

11th Dec 2013, 00:54
It sounds like a lot of people's permanent perks are listed as expired. May they don't realize they bought the temp 7 day but I would say if that's the case, the way it's listed in game is confusing and could lead to frustration. But if that's not the case, we have a major problem if it's not fixed.

11th Dec 2013, 16:48
I never bought perks, I found all my mine and they went bye-bye. All my temp items I had saved from exploiting the non-working counter also went bye-bye, except the seige bow and some others, since I bought it less than 7 days ago

11th Dec 2013, 17:05
I have checked this issue on my account the following I found:

Perm items did not expire.
Temp items expired. (bye bye perks)

All items that have been found or bought 7 days ago or longer will be expired if I am correct the rest will run through its time left.

11th Dec 2013, 17:14
Perm perks cost 10k gold to unlock. I don't think I've even amassed that much gold in the whole time I've played.

11th Dec 2013, 17:57
Probably would have gotten enough gold for one permanent perk, but not more then that. I can also confirm that I my permanent weapons are fine and that my temporary ones are expired.