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Randy 54
14th Jan 2008, 23:55
Here is my contribution to this fine forum and all of you good people out there.......

15th Jan 2008, 08:11
This is a brilliant piece of work. :thumbsup: I love it.

Do you mind if I post it on the German Eidos forum too?

15th Jan 2008, 09:59
Very slinky! :D I like it :D

William Croft
15th Jan 2008, 13:29
Wow, I like it:D

15th Jan 2008, 17:52
Wow, I love it!:D

I'm gonna listen to it while browsing the forums lawl. :p

15th Jan 2008, 19:08
That's really cool!!!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

15th Jan 2008, 19:14
Terrific work, Randy! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

15th Jan 2008, 20:17

that sounds realy awesome.. :thumbsup:
Great work!! :D

15th Jan 2008, 20:27
That's pretty cool. Me likes.

15th Jan 2008, 21:50
I see you got the link to work. I told you they'd all like it too! ;)

Randy 54
15th Jan 2008, 21:57
Wow, thanks everybody, I'm glad you liked it.
@ Rai: Yes you were right, and Goran got it working because I'm not much of a computer guy.

15th Jan 2008, 22:05
That's absolutely beautiful! I love it so much. :eek:

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: /3

15th Jan 2008, 23:55
Very nice:D :thumbsup:

1st Feb 2008, 13:03
Funky and slick, yet very atmospheric as well. Great how you input the Tomb Raider theme tune. Nice job!:thumbsup: :cool:

Randy 54
1st Feb 2008, 23:30
Thanks you guys, I really appreciate it.

2nd Feb 2008, 11:38
The only problem is that it's not long enough. :( Very nice, though. :D

Randy 54
2nd Feb 2008, 14:37
@ Phlip
Yes, you're right, it is on the short side. My concern was making it too repetitive and predictable. I wanted to take the listener along with Lara as she makes her way down jungle pathways.

2nd Feb 2008, 14:48
Saying it wasn't long enough was a compliment. :D

Randy 54
2nd Feb 2008, 23:14
I understand and thank you.

5th Feb 2008, 15:28
Planning on making anymore? :D

William Croft
5th Feb 2008, 16:54
Planning on making anymore? :D

I suggest it . You music is great :D

5th Feb 2008, 16:57
Randy 54 thanks alot dude that was very cool I'm going to put it in my cell phone as a ringtone :D in the beginning of it its like dracula theme or somthin :p

Randy 54
5th Feb 2008, 23:24
Yes, since the responses were very positive, I'm currently working on a follow up to that tune.