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13th Jan 2008, 19:09
Hi all, i feel a little sheepish for posting my not-so-fatal problems but i hope maybe some of you are in the same boat. :mad2:



im guessing it might have something to do with shadows? or an overlay of some kind but i cant turn it off, tried evey option in the gfx menu.

this is bugging the HELL out of me, ive tried everything, all latest drivers, updates incl. directx, GFWLive, windows updates, Nvidia forceware and beta drivers, reflashed bios for mobo... im stuck

is this punishment for not being able to afford vista?!

also, online play fails about 9/10 times, need to fix that soon guys, Fragile alliance is hilarious!

Edit: any feed back is appreciated.
Edit: anything at all? lol, sorry im a bit bored at work

15th Jan 2008, 23:03

I had a similar problem with Hitman:Bloodmoney and the culprit was with the antialiasing. For some reason the graphical engine doesn't like to have the antialiasing forced in the Nvidia options. Even if you turn off antialiasing in the game options leaving only the forced ones, still happens. The solution is to go to the Nvidia Control Panel>Manage 3D settings and put both antialiasing and anisotropic filtering in Application-controlled. Then, turn the antialiasing inside the in-game options menu on and set it to 2x or 4x and also anisotropic filtering from 2x to 16x. This will let the game control those settings and your problem should be fixed. Try also turning off V-sync in Nvidia settings since it will give you the highest possible frame rate. If you get artifacts once in the game then set it to on. Hope this fixes your problem.:)

16th Jan 2008, 11:07
thanks for the help man, but i dont have anything forced on! :(
i hardly use the nvidia tray icon.

im gonna uninstall the game, then reinstall new updates dx9 etc again, then reinstall K&L
and if it doesnt work im going to do this all day :mad2: :mad2: :mad2:

infact ill prob do that all day anyway if it works cos the idea of fragile alliance is like.. WIN.. melted down and made into a game, its just sitting in a swimming pool of FAIL cos it doesnt work.

17th Jan 2008, 06:42

Before you uninstall anything, let me warn you, your game is properly installed; that has nothing to do with how you installed it. I have been a computer tech for almost 20 years now so I know what I'm telling you. Did you try what I told you in the Nvidia 3D settings? Go to the Nvidia tray icon and do exactly as I described above. It doesn't matter if you never messed with the options before; you need to mess with them. If you never touched those settings before, the more reason for me to believe that the antialising is set at 2x, 4x or 8xs, :confused: in other words "forced" like I mentioned before. You need to put the AA and the AF both in Aplication controlled. In other words: DO EXACTLY AS I TOLD YOU UP THERE !:mad2: and get back to me and tell me if it worked. It should solve your problem. ;) :lmao: Thank you.

17th Jan 2008, 10:28
An app can still fail to install correctly. It might not be a particular issue with this game, but I've seen people tell them it helped fix their problems for other games. Hell, it's happened to me once or twice throughout the years. However, games do tend to install correctly the second time around.

17th Jan 2008, 11:35
i dunno what did it but i reinstalled and checked the nvidia setting and one of them worked lol all fixed now looks a lot better!! :lol:


multiplayer is still like walking through a minefield. cheers guys

18th Jan 2008, 07:25
An app can still fail to install correctly. It might not be a particular issue with this game, but I've seen people tell them it helped fix their problems for other games. Hell, it's happened to me once or twice throughout the years. However, games do tend to install correctly the second time around.

Yes Kneo an application can fail to install correctly; but then it won't start correctly, or it won't start at all or it may crash. But that was not the case here. He already had the game working properly and was playing it fine. The problem he had was a GRAPHICAL problem, which had to do with an incompatibility of the game engine with Nvidia graphics, specifically the anti-aliasing in the game. Re-installing the game would not have solved the problem in this case since the problem was in the Nvidia 3D graphic settings.

If he reinstalled the game, that was just a waste of time because he didn't follow my recommendations the first time around. :mad2: But if you read his comment he mentioned that he messed with the Nvidia settings and now is fixed. Apparently he's the kind of people that ask for help but then are not so good following simple instructions. If he would have done exactly as I recommended the first time around he wouldn't have had to reinstall. :rasp: Thank you. :o :)

18th Jan 2008, 10:47
That's actually not entirely true. When I say "fails to install correctly", it could be any number of things. A not very important graphical file could become corrupted in some fashion during installation, or not install at all, causing some uber weirdness. You get that a lot with Source games, actually.

19th Jan 2008, 05:18
Hi again,

Kneo, it is clear to me you are not a computer technician/programmer; what you just said is wrong. I'm not only a Computer technician, but I am also a programmer. A "not very important graphical file could become corrupted" like u said from a bad installation is possible, I'll give you that; but to say that the corrupted file will create corrupted graphics on the screen is preposterous; you are wrong I hate to say. :scratch: When the game program is running and gets to that corrupted file, the file will fail or crash; that in turn will cause other programs that come after to fail in a chain reaction and the whole game program will crash in microseconds to the desktop or give an error message, whichever the case. Program or instruction files are fine or corrupt, right or wrong, yes or no. There is no in-between. Of course if you have never done computer programs you would not understand fully what I'm talking about.:(

When you have a correctly installed program that plays fine from beginning to end with no crashes it means that no files are corrupted. If you still have graphical problems or glitches on that correctly installed and running game program, then you have to look for other things. For example: Video Drivers, corrupted RAM, corrupted VRAM, overheating CPU, GPU, RAM or VRAM, graphic card settings, V-sync, VGA or DVI cable, etc. , just to mention a few. And of course I already knew the problem that he was having because it happened to me with Hitman:Bloodmoney and I already knew the fix. It wasn't a corrupted graphical file in my case and it wasn't in his case either. **** Thank you ;)

20th Jan 2008, 16:14
Apparently you've never played any games using STEAM, so I'll ignore your bull****.

21st Jan 2008, 04:00
Apparently you've never played any games using STEAM, so I'll ignore your bull****.


It is no bull, and YES, I have the whole Half Life 1 and Half Life 2 series including both versions of Counter-Strike via STEAM. Obviously your answer tells me that you are either too hard-headed or too ignorant to understand what I just explained in the last post and it tells me that you don't know what you are talking about. :lol: Again, it doesn't matter how you install a game if it's via a disc or via a download in STEAM; either the game runs or it doesn't or it crashes along the way. The issue presented and shown in the pictures that finlaybob uploaded was clear AND required the solution that I gave him and now the issue is solved. :P If you don't have an idea of how to fix a computer problem, :nut: just shut up; don't tell people what every noob or computer illiterate person usually says: "Oh, better reinstall the program or format your disk, or reinstall windows, that could solve your problem...":scratch: , because that usually tells how ignorant you are in computer matters. That usually complicates problems more than solve anything; especially if you format or reinstall windows, you could actually create more problems than solutions by screwing other programs.:mad2:

If you don't know how to really solve a problem, I recommend that you keep quiet and don't say anything; you look more intelligent that way.:lol:

Thanks for the attention.

21st Jan 2008, 10:04
You must have never ran into the purple and black checkered pattern before. It's ok. I've helped people fix that situation where exiting the server/game didn't fix it. Certainly, the game should always crash because a certain file is corrupted due to a bad installation, as you say, even though it doesn't in this one scenario.

Also, if you reformat your hard drive then reinstall windows, there should be less complications if anything (not chances of more). It's a ******* clean slate. Your system is less likely to be compromised with anything.