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10th Dec 2013, 23:06
Loadouts I currently use are:

Multibow, Poison Bola, Grenade
Multibow, Poison Bola, Explosive Shot

Multibow is probably the best crossbow right now. After the patch the multibow will be the highest dps crossbow. Do not be fooled into thinking the siege bow has more dps, it's actually the worst bow currently. Repeater is probably the best alternate choice if you don't like the Multibow.

The choice between Poison Bola and Bola isn't as simple as some people like to think, however I chose Poison Bola because of how the meta for reavers is moving to leap attack. Why? Because if the reavers used the other pounces the 10 second cooldown on the normal bola would probably be better at mitigating dps from the vamps.

I always run with the grenade, it's so amazing. Even after the patch that changes the cooldown to 15 seconds it's still going to have so much utility.

Use RMB to increase accuracy, you can shoot really far like this and do 150ish damage per burst.

Use Grenade to flush out vamps hiding in corners or rooftops, or just to frag them as they run away.

Use the Poison Bola on Sentinels and Reavers to force them out of their attack animations, grabs and abduct etc.

11th Dec 2013, 00:26
It seems like the choice is between the multibow and the seige bow.

The siege bow has better dps for the first 4 seconds than the multibow, then the multibow begins to outpace it because of clip size difference.

I don't know how the spread works could someone elaborate? Is 100 more accuracy worth the small dps decrease in the first 4 seconds?

11th Dec 2013, 01:47
You might want to edit post in the future... Double posting is frowned upon here.

11th Dec 2013, 16:35
Dear devs, I really want to know how the spread variable works and how it effects effective range etc.

11th Dec 2013, 16:43
From testing, I found the seige bow better. The way the multi bow works is it fires a round of three, with a notable pause, then the next three. The seige bow fires a consistent stream of arrows. I find the breaks in the multi-bow's firing kinda threw me off. Once my seige bow runs out I'll go back and try it out again (I've gotten better since I used multi-bow). Everything else I left as default. I tried a couple rounds with the grenade, and it can be tricky to get it to hit due to delay, bouncing etc...

11th Dec 2013, 16:57
Yeah the explosive shot really is great. But the grenade is useful for fragging vamps in cover, especially if they're on rooftops etc. The nade also does twice the damage of the shot and has a huge radius.

It depends on how quickly the 3 round burst fires, if it's a really short fraction of a second burst and/or the three bullets nearly always land when you fire then you can do quite a bit of damage in very small windows. Similar to how a scout can burst.

I make the DPS difference to be as little as 15dps in favour of the siege bow, it's really hinges on how the difference of 100 accuracy effects the range for me.

11th Dec 2013, 18:01
My personal favorite is the blinding shot. really nice, does good damage and blinds them in a teamfight. Quite useful really.

13th Dec 2013, 22:08
The problem with that is although the blind is nice, you lose out that extra damage vs Reavers who pop evade. I'm pretty sure the grenade is the way to go, it does stupid damage.

19th Dec 2013, 00:50
According to my maths the Multibow is the best bow for Hunter after the coming patch, superior to the others in almost every way.