View Full Version : No Bodies just floating Guns!

12th Jan 2008, 13:07
Unfortunately I only had the demo, but I was planning on buying the game this weekend, but I wanted to ask about this problem 1st and see if there are any solutions to this. & To see if its just a waste of time to buy the game.

For some reason when I try to play the game, I can only see the guns of My team & the enemy. I had this same problem with SEGA's Condemned: Criminal Origins. but K&L worked for the most part except not being able to see the bodies. [lol]

When I updated my drivers n stuff It actually made the game look worse in some aspects. Reflection looked better in some parts, and the level details started working properly [blood splatters were showing up, glass cracks, etc] but now shadows go through the objects and makes it hard to see.

Thats just a rough view..

Any Questions, just ask!

Also Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in Advance [to those who can actually HELP!]

12th Jan 2008, 14:33
Have you used any program like: Nvidia Control Center, ATI catalyst, Nhancer, etc. to tweak graphical settings? If you have, you got to put all those things to default, or it will **** things up in most games.

12th Jan 2008, 20:36
Would be easier to help if you told us your specs.

16th Jan 2008, 12:38
Well thats another thing lol. My specs are trash! lol
but I know I can run the game for the most part! just the bodies don't show up.
Frame rate is perfect, and just about everything else is but the no bodies.

and I have ATI Catalyst now, I didn't when I installed the game.
Cause I had a problem with my computer something fried, and I had to get it fixed..
and that was one thing they took off.

I re-installed it like after I had already played the game, I tried it with and same thing.

17th Jan 2008, 00:13
When was the last time you updated your Direct X? That's always a good place to start if you're having problems.