View Full Version : ABILITIES Poisoned bola still dealing damage over time even if you get free

10th Dec 2013, 22:34
I noticed this on Monday, before the Tuesday patch, and today I hadn't a chance to see if it's still like that, so if it's something you already fixed my bad for writing it now.

I noticed that if you throw a poisoned bola at a vampire and he uses some ability to break free before time (the blue-immortality aura of the Reaver, for example, or the meat shield of the Tyrant), the damage over time is still dealt, even if the bola are no longer upon the vampire and he is suffering no longer of any other disadvantage they gave him.

I'm not gonna open a balance topic here, my point was just of simple logic. I guess it was an oversight, so I'm making you notice it. If on the contrary it's something you did on purpose, nothing to say against it.