View Full Version : hey mod can you answer these pc version questions??

12th Jan 2008, 08:26
the pc version is supose to be cross platform, but you can't play on the pc with xbox 360 gamers.

the only reason i baught the game on the pc was so i could play it online with my 360 friends but yet you can't

so what exactly is it cross platformed with the mobile phone version?

and if you try and tell me that its cross platform from vista to xp or from mac to ibm, im sorry but that won't cut it since a pc is a pc no matter what operating system it has on it.

cross platform to me means pc to console same as shadowrun which IS cross platform with pc and xbox 360.

is there ever going to be a patch to make it REALY cross platform, or was that just a way to sucker people into buying it with no intentions of it ever being cross platform?

it also says it has a co-op mode but yet you can only play local co-op which is big time lame. and before mod says online co-op is new,it is not new gears of war is online co-op, graw has online co-op and this game also has online co-op just not for the story line??