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10th Dec 2013, 20:04
Can you guys please illuminate how this works? In a match last night, someone who was only beating another person in assists (not damage, kills, or deaths) was placed in "1st" for the team.

I am assuming it's some magical equation of all four scores but I cannot for the life of me even begin to guess especially after that example I provided.

10th Dec 2013, 21:11
Place is decided by total XP gained.

10th Dec 2013, 22:40
It should be sorting by Score, which is determined from all events you can earn score/XP from. It's specifically not determined by XP (to be specific) since XP can be multiplied by boosters, while Score is always the same.

The inconsistency on the Scoreboard is probably due to certain events that contribute to Score not being directly messaged on the Scoreboard. Xp/Score events that aren't always obvious:
- Assist Score is variable (you get more Score/XP the more damage you did, so if you do 90% damage to the target you get 90 XP). Since not all assists are created equal, two people with 20 assists each might have different scores.
- Double, Triple, and Quad Kills provide bonus score.
- Executes (probably going to remove this)
- Heals (functions like Damage, you get 30 XP for every 500 HP healed using abilities)

10th Dec 2013, 23:01
Oh all right. Thanks for the response. Is it planned to incorporate the XP variable being displayed? For competitive reasons, I would think so unless there is a game related reason why you wouldn't want to show this.

11th Dec 2013, 00:19
Score is the main category on the scoreboard and it's actually highlighted already.