View Full Version : Make sure to register

9th Jan 2008, 04:50
:cool: Make sure to register at www.deusex3.com guys. For updates and other goodies.

10th Jan 2008, 01:31
goodies? ain't seen goodies yet?.. meanwhile they stoled my informationz!.

Datamining ftw!

10th Jan 2008, 03:49
Tell your friends to register also that way the game generates more interest for them. We have to spread word of mouth to everyone we know. This time Deus Ex 3 can not fail. WE must help it succeed as fans of the franchise! It will need all our support to succeed!

10th Jan 2008, 15:31
And what if DX3 sucks but still ends up being seemingly successful which in turn prompts Eidos to make another sucky DX game? :(

10th Jan 2008, 18:18
Then "we" stop buying the DX games, tell Eidos to f itself and praise DX1. That's pretty much everything "we" can do.

"we" = diehard fans of DX1 and somewhat "sucks, but playable because of the story" DX2 fans.

10th Jan 2008, 19:40
I would register, but my country's not in the list, so I couldn't be bothered.

10th Jan 2008, 20:17
Yeah, what's the point in adding countries when not all are there?

10th Jan 2008, 22:10
I'd contact Eidos and complain about that, hehe. :D

I've registered. :thumbsup: