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10th Dec 2013, 19:06
So I finally got around to using all three Reaver pounce attacks thoroughly and I present my findings. You are welcome to (politely) disagree, this is based on experience/preference/playstyle/whatever boats yer float.

The basic pounce is nice as it is. You crouch down, charge it up. aim, and fire. It does solid damage, as well as a stun. With the aim-assist, bad timing (they move just the right way at the right time, bola'd, knived) is the only factor that really affects whether or not you hit, once you have the practice in gauging angle and such. The biggest issue I find is that if over-zealously leap into a more than one hombre, and you're team isn't immediately joining you, you need to cancel the stun (I'm so happy that's an option), losing out on damage, or die. I frequently see players take the die route for some reason, trading their lives for damage which can be restored, relatively easy. Pounce not only serves as a heavy damage dealer, but has some nice mobility applications. When I first started playing, I'd use pounce simply to travel the map. I fell out of this because the cooldown left me unprepared to join my team-mates, and I'd be stuck tossing grenades until it was ready, often too late. I tried using it as an escape, but the charge up stopped that idea right away, as well as any thoughts of using it mid-combat.

Personally I find Savage Pounce to be just a straight upgrade to pounce. The Auto-aim loss is barely noticeable if you have used any of the other variations to any extent. You really are paying for higher damage. I found my accuracy was pretty much unaffected, and any misses I had, would have also missed with Aim-assist. Other wise it has the same failings as pounce, cut the stun/damage or die, the cooldown discourages map travel, and the charge-up nigh on eliminates in-combat potential.

Leap Attack is my personal go-to skill, and I feel it outshines it's alternatives in its utility, if not raw damage. Number one: Leap attack charges instantly, meaning it can be used as a quick travel method, a get away, and adds potential in combat. It adds nice burst to that human that is just out of reach, or is running around corners. There was one notable point where after a lengthy fight with a scout, he dropped his arrow volley, and I just leaped through it and nailed him on the other side. This role is also aided by it's (halved?) cooldown, allowing more frequent use. Secondly, its lack of a stun eliminates the cancel or die scenario, since it's instant damage with no knockdown. Leap, evade, run is much quicker than leap, cancel, evade then run. In smaller fights, you can survive long enough for Leap Attack to refresh and just leap away, preserving Evade for more dire situations. Lastly, leap allows you to move at full speed while crouched, which is fun to look at, and makes you much harder to shoot or snipe, as the smaller barriers can fully shield you, and you are less of a sitting duck than someone gearing up a pounce.

TL;DR: I favor Leap Attack above the others, it offers more utility, and still does acceptable damage. Unless there is a hidden mechanic I'm missing, I feel it's improvements every where else make up for loss in dps. And as a side note, the dynamic leap attack shares with it's alternatives is the best in the game, as I see a common habit is to swap out utility abilities for raw damage skills.

10th Dec 2013, 22:34
I was suspecting this when I looked at the pounces recently. Although I'm on record for saying that savage pounce is a straight upgrade already ;P.

The leap gives you a lot more survivability than savage pounce indeed, also you are much more likely to realize your full damage potential with leap vs a good team as you can't get knocked off.