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7th Jan 2008, 04:10
Hello All,

I've been playing PC games since they first came out. I'm not quite 40 (I still feel and play games as though I was 16 though (going down the arcade every day to play Defender and Robotron until I was skint!)) but getting close. I've played 'em all and DX is one of the best. Firstly, DX was intelligent: in concept, design, and gameplay; gameplay being more important than any graphics or other superfluous icing (awesome graphics, etc are crap compared to great gameplay (Half-Life being a classic example. Go play it again to remind yourself)). Secondly it was fun. It's difficult to create a game that challenges the intellect that is also fun to play.

From what I've just said this may seem odd. What I'd like to see in DX3 is more powerful weapons. Keep the atmosphere and feel of DX1, just change the feel of the weapons. The weapons in the original DX were poor imo. They just "felt" weak. Compare firing off the DX shotgun to the Half-Life shotgun...I felt as if I was playing with a potato gun in DX. The guns need to feel like they really are guns; the pain in your shoulder when you pull the trigger. In real life it bloody hurts; in DX it's like swishing a fly swat.

Second, the skill system HAS to be reintroduced. It's clunky by modern gaming standards, but it added another dimension to an already engrossing game.

Thirdly, I LIKE the old fashioned inventory system! OK, in the real world you can't carry X items on your person, but this is the gaming world! You can do whatever you like.

Ach! I could go on forever...the developers will do what they they're told as usual. If only they had consulted me before I could make them all millionaires. You think I'm joking...

However, I do agree with some posters here that the Alex Brandon soundtrack feel and sound (btw developers, retro is IN nowadays) HAS to return if DX3 has to have any chance of feeling like the original...which is what we all want, isn't it; an brand new, up-to-date DX1 experience!


7th Jan 2008, 16:26
what you said about weapons, i whole heartedly agree. they need more "oomph".

...which is what we all want, isn't it; an brand new, up-to-date DX1 experience...

yes, but not necessarily from Deus Ex 3... I'd love to also see DX1 redone or whatever but this is a new game, and as such at least some of the experience needs to be new. finding a system that works and doing it over and over again is half of the problem with the games industry today. Deus Ex took risks. So did IW. If Deus Ex 3 doesn't it's much less likely to be remembered.

The problem is that in all likelihood we'll either get a Deus Ex 3 that hardcore fans love but that doesn't sell well enough to warrant a DX4 (honestly after IW i thought the franchise was done), or we'll get a game that does well but that all the hardcore fans dub as "dumbed down".

7th Jan 2008, 16:42
I agree with you completely. The weapons in DX do lack the feel a weapon needs to have. The grenades were fun though.

I remember in the airfield level...in a room full of tunnels and crates, almost no ammo and guards everywhere. I sneak up to the exit, wound the two guards enough for them to run away, and then dash for the elevator. Guards running behind me, about to catch me -- then I see a turret and camera up ahead as they start to shoot me. I jump for a corner, throw an EMP grenade down the hallway, and just as the NSF are behind me, get inside the elevator and escape.

Good times. =P

10th Jan 2008, 06:53
First of all, sorry for language mistakes i may make, but I'm from Germany. @maddermadcat: Yes, the Weapons should be more powerful. I also felt pissed when I had to shoot a simple soldier in the face three times with a shotgun before he went down. BUT more powerful weapons may not unbalance the game!! I think it's okay if a shot from a sniper rifle can only kill by aiming at the head, although today there are already weapons that can shoot through solid walls. Or the ammunition should be horribly limited, what on the other side would somehow decrease the gamer's freedom to do what he likes.

However, what I really wanted to ask is whether someone could tell me in short the plot of DX2, for I began it directly after finishing DX for the first time and it was just so horrible that I didn't touch DX2 ever again. Sorry, I found no thread to write this in ;-). You can also write me a private message...

10th Jan 2008, 07:45
just go to www.wikipedia.org and type in deus ex invisible war. You can do it for almost anything to find about plot.

10th Jan 2008, 07:53
About the "new DX1 experience", I think it has a very simple solution. Redo it.
Redo DX1 with the latest engine like they did to Half Life 1 with Source

I think Ill make a thread bout it :p

10th Jan 2008, 08:11
It would seem to me that they should simply increase the number of enemies to keep up with the increase in weapon power. Also the AI was always pretty weak, if the enemy took cover and showed a grasp of tactics then increasing weapons power would balance it, since you'd have more trouble hitting something that was under cover whilst you yourself are being suppressed.

10th Jan 2008, 09:05
About the "new DX1 experience", I think it has a very simple solution. Redo it.
Redo DX1 with the latest engine like they did to Half Life 1 with SourceNo, re-do it with the latest engine like they're doing to Half Life 1 with Black Mesa (http://www.blackmesasource.com/). :)