View Full Version : Ok guys we need to vote for Deus Ex!!

6th Jan 2008, 03:49
Losing to Legacy of Kain, Tomb Raider and even Thief. Though Thief being one of my favorites. I must rally the agents!! Your mission agent is to infiltrate the poll and vote for Deus Ex! Lets go!


6th Jan 2008, 05:30
The vote is for a favorite game "series". As much as I like Deus Ex, it is not my favorite series. I really didn't like Invisible War.

6th Jan 2008, 09:21
"Even Thief"? Do I sense prejudice? I voted for Thief. Three great games (yes, I'm one of the people who liked Deadly Shadows just as much as 1 and 2) with unique gameplay and worldbuilding, brimming with atmosphere. My second choice would be Legacy of Kain - just love the shakespearean characters and dillemas and complicated time-travel plot. Also, both series have some of the best voice-acting ever heard in games.

Deus Ex comes in third - I mean, DX1 is great, but the series is only two games, one of which sucks.

Icarus AI
6th Jan 2008, 10:30
Deus Ex is the best game yes, but because of IW it is not the best series.

6th Jan 2008, 11:13
Deus Ex is the best game yes, but because of IW it is not the best series.


I voted for Thief as my favourite series and because of the continual flow of awesome fan missions. :cool:

6th Jan 2008, 11:28
I had already voted DX, as I had never played any Thief games and only two Tomb Raider games which I didn't like...

6th Jan 2008, 11:33
I agree about DX not being the best series because of IW and I voted for Thief but it could have also been Hitman. I love that series but Thief needs to be continued while Hitman is successful enough.

6th Jan 2008, 12:12
My vote went to Legacy of Kain.

7th Jan 2008, 02:40
Thief for me. As much as I love Deus Ex, my love for Thief is still greater. =P