View Full Version : Beta Application appeared to reset (Additional information)

10th Dec 2013, 10:24
After I got the confirmation mail, it included "fill this additional information" link, I thought there was still something extra to do (Having done it already), when I clicked the link pretty much every single detail from it was removed, now, I did just close the tab without refilling it all over again (attempting to remember all the closed beta tests etc is a pain). Now, did the additional information I sent previously reset, and turn into a blank page?

Edit: Psyonix, where's my Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars 2?

10th Dec 2013, 22:58
Sorry to hear you are having issues, I have not heard of this before - it sounds like there is a problem with the form... Hopefully someone more technical will be able to help, if not it maybe best raising this to a senior mod via PM (details can be found on bottom of forum main page) :D