View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Bug: lost match even though overall score was higher

10th Dec 2013, 05:04
This is an issue I've run into quite a few times, but tonight I remembered to get a screenshot. By just about any means of measuring victory, my team should have won the match, but it was recorded as a loss. I assume because the other team got to 40 in round 2? But we got to 40 in the first round, so those two should cancel each other out.


I only found one other (closed) thread on this, and it ended with a screenshot request, so there you go :).

10th Dec 2013, 14:46
I second this, I've had it happen a few times as well didn't get good screenshots"I'm looking at you steam >_>" Apparently the winner of the last round gets the win sometimes not every time. Great work on the lostworlds.net btw :3

10th Dec 2013, 19:59
It has happened to me as well.

10th Dec 2013, 22:29
It happened here too!

10th Dec 2013, 22:38
We'll look into it, thanks for reporting.

11th Dec 2013, 10:36
This has been reported several times. The bug itself only occurs when the vampires win the second round with 40 kills. Any other time it seems to work properly.

12th Dec 2013, 04:21
Thanks Corey and DeputyPotato :).

Just ran into this one again, and Strike5150's comment seems accurate so far - this was another one where the vampires won the second round with a score of 40.