View Full Version : Mulptiplayer start problems!!

4th Jan 2008, 12:59

I tried to start a "multiplayer" session. After typed the username and password, game said that´s a conexion problem.

I checked the line and conexion and all systems go.
Where can I have the problem??:scratch: :scratch:

4th Jan 2008, 21:34
Which Commandos game are you refering to?

19th Apr 2008, 14:50
This is more likely your fire wall internet security problem. Try to disable fire wall and go on line again.
I will advise you to disable firewall first (do not uninstall it, just disable it) to see if it is a problem. Go to application settings (if it is a firewall issue) in your firewall and add CommXPC.exe file and set access to allow. How to find this “EXE” file? C: Program files/Commandos Strike Force/CommXPC.exe file. I hope it will resolve your multiplayer problem. I would like to know if it did. Let me know.