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4th Jan 2008, 12:38
There is a new Underworld teaser online. The video looks beautifull! I can't wait to TR8!

Look at the new Underwold video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOfhtzyJjtA)

Fan made!

4th Jan 2008, 12:39
:scratch: cant view it... :scratch:

Edit... Now i can... that is good for like minuet or so i found quite boring to be honest lol... But other then that the rest of it was good...

4th Jan 2008, 12:42
Wow, it looks amazing. I see you can shoot while holding onto ledges! :D I've been aching to do that for ages.

Thanks for the link!

:scratch: cant view it... :scratch:

Why not?

4th Jan 2008, 12:45
I just edited my last post... At first it wouldn't let me it was being annoying...

4th Jan 2008, 12:47
Oh right.

It was a bit boring actaully lol. I liked the screenshots, but the rest was just like...:scratch: k

4th Jan 2008, 12:51
I thought it was good!

I can't wait to play this game, does anyone know when we are going to get official conformation? It seens like an age since play accidently released their mag!

4th Jan 2008, 12:58
I thought it was good!

I can't wait to play this game, does anyone know when we are going to get official conformation? It seens like an age since play accidently released their mag!

I think they want to get everything ready before they do anything like that. I think we might have to wait until late january until i offical date perhaps?
But maybe in Feb we might get a beta demo or something. More screenshots, a little video. a proper teaser trailer? Just something to keep us occupied.

Omg i saw an AWSOME screenshot (it don't know if it is a screenshot) but i went on TombRaiderCronicles (sp?) and clikced underworld and the little picture for it shows Lara with sweat! i was like WOW!!!! i wish i could post it on here for you guys but i cant!!!

4th Jan 2008, 13:05
Just looked at the pic, yup Lara does look amazing! :D

Roll on the end of Jan! I bet TRU will come out at the same time that I have a lot of study on, all I will be able to do is stare at the cover! :(

4th Jan 2008, 13:09
It better not come out in May or June, becuase that is when i have all my GCSE's and if it does i will either have to wait until my birthday (augest) or get it as soon as i can after i worked alot... But then again if i dont have a good another PC i wont be able to play it. But i will have my dad's PC during the summer... :D

But this game, i have said it before and i will say it again and again. It just feel to good to be true. It like a TR game we have all dreamed for and now they are making it! :o

4th Jan 2008, 13:18
Feb to June is when the proverbial hits the fan for me. As I start another degree course unit in feb along side the one I'm doing now and I have an exam in june!

I'm going to pre order TRU as a present to myself, it will make me get on with my studying as I know as soon as I've done I can play it. :D

4th Jan 2008, 13:25
That would be good idea... My parents might do that for me if i study well for my exams and get good grades... except i wont get my grades until augest which will be a bummer......
But like you said buy it as a presetn for your self...
Im not the best one for studying... doubt i'll go to uni, but im only 15 got a few years to think about that sort of thing. lol

But i wonder how much this one will cost???

4th Jan 2008, 13:34
Wow yeah great teaser... hardly anything in it besides a few screens and some loosely related astronomy-jungle-guns material :rolleyes:

5th Jan 2008, 23:17
Nice one indeed! I'm happy you like it!

Captain Mazda
6th Jan 2008, 23:39
The title of this thread is quite misleading.

14th Jan 2008, 17:50
The title of this thread is quite misleading.
That was'nt my intention. The intention was to give everyone a nice self made teaser.

William Croft
15th Jan 2008, 13:14
Wow.. That was good the way it was put togther gave it an atmosphere pretty good :D

20th Jan 2008, 00:30
Thanks. :d

20th Jan 2008, 00:37
I realy loved it

20th Jan 2008, 03:35
I liked what I saw however I'm probably going to have to get
my parents to buy this as I'm not sure if I will have the money.
I will always get TR games that I know. I love the games.