View Full Version : Take time on this 3rd one

2nd Jan 2008, 00:01
I think that the game would be better if they take there time not to rush and make another glitchy game. With the game being able to run on low end systems as well as the top spec machines. The story could be more ( like the first one :) ) complex.
what city type backgrounds they should use or where should they be based.

2nd Jan 2008, 00:44
And what do you define as a "low end machine"? Something that can only handle DX7 or DX8? A machine that can handle medium settings on DX9? I realize being able to handle support older hardware means more players, but you need to draw the line somewhere. If you want to do gaming, you really need to have a PC that's designed for that and you need to have the means to upgrade every three years at the very least.

2nd Jan 2008, 01:00
Well, if you take into consideration that they are using TR:U engine and (I believe) it will be next-gen only (we all know that since the game is scheduled for late 2009/early 2010), I think the top hardware of today will perform ok on low settings, depending how tweaked and versatile the engine will be.

2nd Jan 2008, 20:40
The TR_L engine works with intel integrated graphics so why upgrade for a game that gots lots of glitches.


2nd Jan 2008, 20:45
Not the Legend engine. The TR: Underworld engine, Crystal D's latest one.

3rd Jan 2008, 00:52
Oh, yeah, my bad... Sorry.