View Full Version : Healing Mist not healing on specific spot on Freeport

9th Dec 2013, 21:08
Map: Freeport
Place: It's on the port, near very tall tower/building(often human team camping there). It only happens on wooden, port textures, the farthest place in to the sea(port).
Bug description: If you throw in this place Healing Mist it will not heal your teamates neither yourself.

9th Dec 2013, 22:47
It's not that specific spot, it's got to do with the texture of the area. I mentioned it in another post, about how it doesn't heal people on different terrains/altitudes (ie. a step higher or lower). Because of the way the planks are set-up in game, it registers the player in a different height.

10th Dec 2013, 14:29
This also happens on steps and stuff. Ideally all area effect abilities should effect a volume not a flat circle.

10th Dec 2013, 17:31
Well I knew about bug involving different height. I decided to post because there is no visible height difference in this spot.