View Full Version : Ffvii minor characters should have the limelight now

30th Jul 2012, 00:10
I mean instead of begging for a remake of ffvii I think they should continue the series with another game or movie focusing on a different character.
Like...yuffie!! I mean think about it her father is the ruler of wutai, which means she's next in line for the throne. There's alot of ideas that can center around
Invading a country. It would be nice to see an older more mature yuffie and it would be nice to get an update on the rest of the gang. Just an idea I'm throwing out. No one hate me please!! Lol

30th Jul 2012, 02:10
I would agree, HOWEVER, an older, more mature Yuffie, just would not be Yuffie, you know? Her character in general is to be the young and imature one. I understand what you're getting at though, a story where she needs to grow up, which could be nice, but if it is not done right it would just ruin the character. Oh, and did you ever play Dirge of Cerberus? The game itself wasn't anything to brag about, but it was interesting just how much of a key character Yuffie actually was, she wasn't super important, but she was the most important of the original game cast, aside from Vincent of corse. lol

30th Jul 2012, 03:07
You do have a point about yuffie not being yuffie when she's older lol. But your right it all comes down to the execution of the storyand lately I've been losing faith in s.e. As for d.o.c I did play it. I wasn't fascinated by it. Lol. But it was nice to see Vincent in a different light towards the ending of the Game and the friendship between Vincent and yuffie.

30th Jul 2012, 03:20
oh definately, they have dropped the ball on quite a few items, but I still believe they are capable of captivating me the way they did with FF7, I was 7 and my mind was blown away lol even now the game grabs me, the first game I ever beat without cheat codes ^^ back to the subject at hand lol now if they were to make any other game focusing on any other characters, they need to put the time and attention into it that they did with Zack in Crisis Core, argueably the best of the Compilation of FF7.

30th Jul 2012, 03:55
Man I haven't played crisis core in ages. That game Holds a soft spot in My heart. The way they put together a wonderful storyline and heartbreaking characters. Jeez I tear up thinking about it. Lmaoooo. ^.^

30th Jul 2012, 03:57
If square could pull something off like crisis core again they would regain many of their fans.