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30th Nov 2012, 02:54

na.square-enix.com/finalfantasyairborneb... (http:///finalfantasyairbornebrigade/go/article/view/final_fantasy_25th_anniversary/260993/final_fantasy_airborne_brigade_available_soon)

"The popular free-to-play style social game in Japan is coming to US/Canadian shores!

We're really excited to announce the highly popular social title Japan has been enjoying for some time is now making its way stateside to Android and iOS devices! FINAL FANTASY Brigade, named FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE for the US/Canada launch features cooperative (cross-platform) players riding airships forming parties and battling powerful enemies.

In collaboration with DeNA, and featuring character designs from the Monster Octopus (https://twitter.com/monsteroctopus) concept popularized with the KINGDOM HEARTS mobile series and THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE engages players in battle against classic series monsters, allows exploration and utilizes an addictive social concept.

"We're very proud to offer FINAL FANTASY fans based in North America our own take on the themes and ideals of the series with the upcoming launch of the mobile game FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE,” said Kenji Kobayashi, director at DeNA. “In celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary this year, we have worked hard to create a unique gameplay experience where players can elevate each other through fun, cooperative play."

Players can pre-register for the game and be alerted via email as soon as the game is available for free download. If you pre-register for the game you'll receive a free 3-month exclusive Cloud Strife in-game card!

To pre-register for FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE, please visit: ffairbornebrigade.com/ (http://ffairbornebrigade.com/). Enter your email today and look for FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE soon where we can battle together against the pantheon of FINAL FANTASY foes!

Robert Allen Peeler Community Manager getting by with a little help from my friends @SQEX_MEMBERS_NA (http://www.twitter.com/sqex_members_na)"

Website: ffairbornebrigade.com/ (http://ffairbornebrigade.com/)

30th Nov 2012, 14:33
Referral codes found so far:

Sephiroth: Kotaku
Serah: BOLT

What does "3-month exclusive" mean anyway? The promotion for the card lasts 3 months, or you lose the card after 3 months?

30th Nov 2012, 14:50
I would guess that you will no longer be able to special summon Cloud to your team once three months have passed (for free, that is). Besides, he is a Legend and you will have to obtain Summon Stones just to call him forth. Maybe these will be available through micro-transactions?

30th Nov 2012, 17:50
I'm excited to hear about this comign over! Now I have to get some friends to play with me! :D

9th Dec 2013, 20:21
Special Final Fantasy VII event (https://twitter.com/1stPD_PR/status/409288499552980992/photo/1)
– how to become a hero!

7th Jan 2014, 12:45
Players vote Yuna as the most popular heroine (http://www.siliconera.com/2014/01/06/final-fantasy-airborne-brigade-players-vote-yuna-popular-heroine/)
(Gamer, Siliconera)
– Square Enix held a survey (http://www.gamer.ne.jp/news/201401070020/) for the game’s two year anniversary in Japan and asked players to vote on their favorite Final Fantasy heroine. Yuna took top honors and players will be able to get an UR Legend Wedding Yuna card as a bonus.

21st Jan 2014, 22:20
The Knights of Avalon collaboration project (http://www.gamer.ne.jp/news/201401200052/).

24th Mar 2014, 18:00
It's really sad this game ended so short. I feel like with a little more work this could have been a really successful and even more popular game. Sure it was a bit "easy" at times, but with a little work to the structure of the game it would have had been so awesome.

24th Mar 2014, 18:03
Wait is the game still running? I received a newsletter a few months ago that the game was no longer being updated or able to run after January so I removed the game. (since it was stuck on the same quest anyways) Is this untrue now and is it back and being updated?

28th Mar 2014, 00:55
The game is still running in Japan (http://www.square-enix.co.jp/mobile/etc/ff_b/).

9th Apr 2014, 13:39
Why wasn't this game released in Australia or Europe?

21st Apr 2014, 15:10
Was the game terminated in North America?

Why isn't there a version for Europe/Australia?

22nd Apr 2014, 12:47
You might need to contact the support team (http://mobage.com/games/ff-airborne-brigade) in order to get an answer to you questions, Sora9669.