View Full Version : Crash at Load Up of Level 14 (Within the Walls)

31st Dec 2007, 13:34
So I made it this far in the game only to have the game crash every time I start this level? What the hell? Does anyone have any troubleshooting advice? Unlike a lot of the other posts I've been reading, up until level 14 I had no problems with the game--and then, at the load up screen for this level, the game crashes to desktop with a Windows error.

I've turned down the graphics and tried the three different sound options to no effect.

My system:

Windows XP
Dual Core AMD 4400
SLI Nvidia 7800s
Two gigs of RAM
Sound Blaster X-Fi

All of this with the latest drivers.

1st Jan 2008, 22:35
Well seems like you have a similar problem to the one I have and some other people have with the game always crashing in the middle of Chapter 3. :mad2: At least you got a bit further that me. Welcome to the club. :rasp: :lol: Keep asking for a patch.