View Full Version : Weird Screen Problem

30th Dec 2007, 06:49
i dont know what is wrong it dont lag or anything untill after i am able to play on the first level it doesnt really lag much but i do have this wierd screen problem where it looks like the screen is broken and i cant see where im going
and the gns are invisible or see threw my laptop is vista and is almost to the requierments to play i think just the video card isnt

but this is wha it looks like when i try to play and only when i try to play


i would really like some help i dont wanna just have this game and not play it and have it be a waste of money becuase this game looks really cool and fun

1st Jan 2008, 23:23

Looks like an overheating video card problem or problems with the shader version in your card. :scratch:

Good luck :rolleyes: