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9th Dec 2013, 09:32
je desire savoir ci il es possible de lance le jeu avec un autre compte inscrit car quand je clique sur l icone du jeu j ai s implement cee un compte square enix ou j ai un compte enix et me demande le code du jeu que faire merci

hello I made ​​this message in a french english translator sorry

my qestion how to start the game with another account thank you

9th Dec 2013, 11:10
Good going using the translator :D - I hope I've understood the question ok - if not sorry...

If you are in the alpha and require access to the game through another Steam account you will need to contact SE at nosgoth@square-enix.com and give them details of the account you were accepted under and the account you require it changed to. :D

If it is you wish to sign up for the alpha/beta under a different email address/user name then you should be able to change the details by using the above email but you may require to retract your submission and then sign up again with the new account. :D