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28th Dec 2007, 22:38

Playing the Reunion Chapter I never seem to be able to kill the driver in the big truck at the end of the mission of saving my kid, is there anything special that you guys do? Have tryed shooting with mp5, pistol and even tryed to climb up by the stairs at the car, but I either the Car drives over my child or I get runned over by the var. :(

28th Dec 2007, 23:50
All you gotta do is to follow it around and shoot the windows at the drivers seat (you dont have to hit the actual driver, just the windows). Best if you have a mp5 with full ammo (think its 180).

Or you can just watch a way on youtube

Dexter O
1st Jan 2008, 02:36
Playing on the codeine mode I simply hid in the hole with Jenny (after picking up an MP5 and some ammo) and just shot at the trucks driver window. When it turned around I picked off the guys on the back and just continued to shoot at the drivers window when it came back around. Use yourself as a human shield for Jenny, have Lynch lay down fire at the window and do the same thing.