View Full Version : Very disappointed for the first time...

28th Dec 2007, 21:19
Hi Eidos,

This is not the first time I'm buying a game from you (and I own lots of your good stuff) but it's the first time I'm so disappointed as to the game installation and your support.
Poor support answers and poor installation.
If you aware to the fact that you are not ready to rock so make your release later, we can wait I suppose.

Usually when I'm buying a game and trying to install it I can handle drivers update and some workarounds, but since I bought 'Kane & lynch' few weeks back I'm trying to make it work and I worked hard for it but with no results. Finally I can see in this forum a thread which says in simple words "Wait for the patch" so I'm still waiting...

Can you gamers can post in here your nick if you couldn't install it and you are still waiting just like me? (Or am I the only one???)


As to your support - I can update drivers DA!!!:mad2: