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28th Dec 2007, 02:15
According to tombraiderchronicles (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/headlines3371.html) French PS3 magazine has scooped some great information of Tomb Raider:Underworld.

The article gives news of the locations visited by Lara in her next adventure. Some of these are Australia, Easter Island, Rome, The Vatican and the Golden Triangle. These are all places she hasn't been to before.

Vehicles are back, including the bike as is the manor which promises to include many new gadgets and areas to train in.

This all sounds very promising!

Also A brand new logo for TRU has been designed!. Nice. Here (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/headlines3372.html)

PS: I hope it okay to post in a new thread - if not, feel free to move to another.

28th Dec 2007, 03:40
:D This is exciting. Thanks for the news!

28th Dec 2007, 04:01
I might be right, although I am assuming this. However I had a feeling Tomb Raider Underworld might be coming out in Jan 2008. That would be cool. :D
I want to be right this time. :nut:

rabid metro
28th Dec 2007, 05:43
... I hope it okay to post in a new thread ...

seems to be okay ...
(somebody has got Rai-bee's, hehehe) :cool:

with 2 magazine articles and the underworld logo leading the way, the "official" announcement can't be too far behind. BTW, doesn't the announcement have to be made before the magazines go on sale??? :cool:

... and then we can go post-crazy in the brand new "official" message board ...

so a january 2008 announcement seems right and a fall release is within reason.

28th Dec 2007, 06:36
No offense to anyone,but that logo is the most uglies thing I've ever seen!

I thought they were supposed to progress in development, not REGRESS!

It's so ugly!!!

YUk! The old was way better! It looked so modern, this is worse than ..

28th Dec 2007, 10:44
Glad to see that the 'Lara Croft' has been removed from the title. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

28th Dec 2007, 10:55
Wow! That's great news.. I'm so excited :D

I just hope they change that logo..
It's not ugly, I just liked the old one better.. :o
Good thing they removed that lara croft-thing above the logo, btw..

28th Dec 2007, 12:48
I like this new logo without Lara Croft.

28th Dec 2007, 14:07
seems to be okay ...
(somebody has got Rai-bee's, hehehe) :cool:

Is that supposed to be funny? :scratch: Just in case it is: :lol: (I think)

I like the logo. It's kinda understated yet...I dunno, can't quite put my finger on how to describe it. But it seems to fit what we know of Underworld so far!

I am positively skipping over those locales though. What is the Golden Gate? Must Google. I think it is great - especially as a couple of the countries are ones I have seen as 'asks' here on the forums.

EDIT: ohhh, so that is the Golden Gate. Interesting...

28th Dec 2007, 14:20
I guess they ment the golden gate bridge in san francisco, right? :scratch:
it sounds very awesome.. :D

28th Dec 2007, 16:58
Easter Island! You know, that could be hella spooky. :thumbsup:

28th Dec 2007, 17:24
Will she be at the Vatican during visiting hours? :nut:

28th Dec 2007, 17:28
,,Vehicles are back, including the bike as is the manor which promises to include many new gadgets and areas to train in."-I like it.:D

28th Dec 2007, 19:09
The article says the "GOLDEN TRIANGLE" not the "GOLDEN GATE", so I researched Golden triangle, but still lost seeing as though theres like 4 or something?

28th Dec 2007, 19:17
I've grown to like the "Lara Croft Tomb Raider" portion of the title made famous by the films and then used in the past few games. This new logo is unique, yes, but I don't know...it just doesn't seem Tomb Raiderish to me.

I'm hoping that's only a concept logo.

As for the release date, I'm willing to bet it will be out late summer/early fall.

28th Dec 2007, 19:27
I found more then one 'Golden Triangels', but I guess they mean Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand) Sounds cool :rolleyes:

28th Dec 2007, 20:53
Love it!!!!

But Rai004, she's already been in Rome, hasn't she ?

28th Dec 2007, 21:07
sounds interesting???

Can't wait for a demo or something... just hopeing they don't change it to much so it isnt Tomb Raider. I want change but not to much if that makes sense???

28th Dec 2007, 21:16
Love it!!!!

But Rai004, she's already been in Rome, hasn't she ?

Has she been to Rome before? I can't remember to be honest. I didn't think so...

The article says the "GOLDEN TRIANGLE" not the "GOLDEN GATE", so I researched Golden triangle, but still lost seeing as though theres like 4 or something?

Um yes, you are correct it does say Golden Triangle. Er, well either I read it wrong or they changed it because I swear it said Golden Gates. Golden Triangle might make more sense. Must Google. Again. Sorry 'bout that. :o :D

28th Dec 2007, 21:31
She's been to Rome for the philosopher's stone (TR Chronicles :) )
It all sounds great!!!!!!!! Australia, Mesopotamia, a city, just what the people wanted! And an underwater level, omg omg omg :D Vatican seems funny at first but on the second thought they do have catacombs there:)

28th Dec 2007, 22:02
"Yeah, I'll break into The Vatican with you.." ~ Vaughn to Sydney.

Sorry, I just had a flashback to a very early episode of the smash hit 'Alias' (CIA spy TV series - 2001 to 2005). :whistle:

Nice locations all around !

As for the logo design, I never favored any honestly. :o

Thanks for the news !

29th Dec 2007, 01:58
It would appear that the saving system will be different in Underworld to that in Legend and Anniversary. This time round, reloading after a save, Lara will be be in the exact spot where you left her at saving - and not back at the last checkpoint as in the previous two games. In fact there is no mention of checkpoints at all in the article from tombraiderchronicles. Although this doesn't mean there won't be any.

I think this has already been revealed but dead bodies and fallen debris will not disappear like they did in TRA either.

This is all good, right?

If we can save anywhere in game, that would save quite a bit of backtracking, which I like the sound of.

29th Dec 2007, 06:25
It would be like in the old times (on the PC, at least;p) if they let us save anywhere. And I think the game will get more serious. I mean, in the old TR Lara could only die once. If she did, you had to reload. There was no saving medpacks by intentionally killing her and starting from the checkpoint with your health full. Perhaps it's about realism?

29th Dec 2007, 11:17
I'm excited to here of the possible new locations. It's about time Lara came to Australia! Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi !!!!!!!!!!

William Croft
29th Dec 2007, 11:42
Woah, thanks for this !! It sounds amazing I can't wait!!!!! And the logo.... BRILLIANT!!! Really suits the theme!! Thank you sooo much for this:D

30th Dec 2007, 15:45
Hopefully the places that she is going to visit are going to be be bigger and alot more Freaky :D
Thanks for this and keep the Info coming Thanks again

30th Dec 2007, 16:09
Ooh, I really like the new logo.

30th Dec 2007, 16:11
Wait, is'nt the golden triangle the name for the Route between England, Africa and America used in the slave trade?

30th Dec 2007, 16:42
I googled the Golden Triangle and there is more than one! So which one will hopefully be a surprise.

Puzzles are going to be a big feature in TRU. There is mention of a level sized clock puzzle. Sounds interesting....

30th Dec 2007, 17:10
It all sound pretty interesting, i google the location with Golden triangle. And went on to wikipeidia also. Just to check what that was all about...
But yer hopefull *fingers crossed* this is the Tomb Raider EVERYONE has been waiting for which will please the new and old fans of TR

30th Dec 2007, 19:09
What's a clock puzzle?

I hope this new game is'nt gonna be to scary. Zombies, undead, dark places, too many monsters - and i'm not going to play it. I want to play Tomb Raider, Not Silent Hill.