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27th Dec 2007, 11:00
I have looked through the Eidos website to locate an e-mail address for compliants and commentary, and I was unable to locate any such information. So I will post my compliants in the forum in an effort to stir-up discussions and attract any admins that may be monitoring the forums.

I have noticed that people have already begun to talk about the loss of the third person view and the 4 player (offline) co-op. I personally found out about this change from a friend. We had gathered 4 people at my friends house playing conflict global terror for push-ups. Basic rules: 1 death equals 10 push ups, Friendly fire is 5 push ups, and 50 push ups for everyone if we fail the mission. Everyone was cautious about dying, and we've been through the missions enough to know where all the enemies spawn; however, everyone did at least 100 push up each. My friend Shawn and I both got all the way up to the Medal of Honor.

After destroying conflict global terror, my buddies were sitting around a table talking about about conflict series such as, the auto aim, jungle battles in vietnam, the really bad iron sights in vietnam, Jones' smg in the first conflict, and then finally the next conflict. At the time, I had believed the next conflict would "rock hardcore bodies." We were going to go to Cuba to save Foley and do something about Sherman because we just can't have a 5 player Co-op, or so I thought... Until my buddy Shawn was like "They got rid of four player co-op. Now they are a two man team with crazy unrealistic guns. They are not even the same guys." I got disgruntled, and I decided I going to do something about this...

Now to the people of EDIOS, those whom were to make money from this video game, I am NOT buying the next conflict, "Denied Ops." Until now, each conflict has been an improvement on the last; however, this newest conflict has been stripped of every redeeming quality this series has ever had. Basically the 4 player Co-op. I would also like you to note that none of my friends will be purchasing it either. I realize my friends and I will hardly make a dent in your profits. However, I have always been a gamer who has never bothered to post on any forums, or send any emails. I believe the direction the conflict series headed is toward its own destruction in buy and trade stores shelves across the nation. I realize EDIOS is not the developer and also that it is too late to change the game, but I would like EDIOS to put pressure on Pivotal Games to return the 4 player co-op and thrid person view in the next installment of the series.

Now I am off the write a letter to the developers...

27th Dec 2007, 19:05
I also plan on not buying it. So many companys are messing up sequels now. Look at how ghost recon has ended up. The 2001 pc game was phenominal with expansion packs and a TON of mods the coop on that game was just stellar. Now with all the advanced warfighter crap so much of the cool gameplay has been taken away. It's now a very linear game.

Here are some of the things that I expected out of the next conflict game before they took it on a complete 180.

Better crosshair/aiming

- It was so hard to tell where your bullet would go on global storm even if the little dot in the middle of the crosshair was right on the guys head you would often times miss. It would be nice to have other guns besides the sniper rifle have scope capabilities.

Weapon modification

- Let us have more options of what we take in the field. We should be able to equip the weapons with silencers if we want, or maybe a forehand grip, whatever. If we are Bradley give a couple options of assault rifles to take or with Jones a few different smgs.

More open maps and environments

- The game is not too terribly linear. I now on several of the main parts of a map there are two or three different ways to attack the area, but I would like to see more wide open maps that let you pick the path you choose. If you have played any original ghost recon single player missions you know what I'm talking about.

Why'd you mess with the formula Eidos/Pivotal? I too will not be buying this game which doesn't even deserve the Conflict title. Bring back the classic.

29th Dec 2007, 10:43
I realize my friends and I will hardly make a dent in your profits. However, I have always been a gamer who has never bothered to post on any forums, or send any emails. I believe the direction the conflict series headed is toward its own destruction in buy and trade stores shelves across the nation. I realize EDIOS is not the developer and also that it is too late to change the game, but I would like EDIOS to put pressure on Pivotal Games to return the 4 player co-op and thrid person view in the next installment of the series.

Now I am off the write a letter to the developers...

Funny... that culd be me your talking about. I sent a letter. But never got any answer. Hope they got it.
Oh and by the way. i´m not buying it either.

Good Luck!

1st Jan 2008, 21:37
I Agree

Take the Conflict out of (Denied ops) cos its not gonna be in the same league.
I think your gonna lose alot of sales on a poor idea of a Conflict game.

Conflict Players like the fact there are 4 players

Conflict players like the fact there is a 3rd person view

The fact that most of us have bought the last four games supports this.

next time do your research right, do your loyal fans a favour, give them more of what they want and enjoy so they can play at home or online on their own or with their friends the way Conflict is meant to be played.


Sgt. Striker
2nd Jan 2008, 15:16
As a LOYAL player/owner of ALL the Conflict games, I am TOTALLY DISSAPPOINTED in this new venture. I have to agree with an earlier post, that you should take the word CONFLICT out of this latest installment. WHY would you change what has made this game one of the BEST ever. NO more 4 man team, NO more 3rd person view, WHAT THE HELL happened to FOLEY? That was the ending of Global War on Terror, they were going to find Foley. You had a GREAT game, and storyline, and then BAMMO, you had to mess with a good thing. I anxiously awated the next game, and this is what you guys came up with, sheesh. Thanks man. Foley, where ever you are dude, maybe these yahoos at Eidos will come back to what this game great.

Foley 101
4th Jan 2008, 21:01
I agree whole heartedly with Sgt Striker, why mess with a perfectly excellent set-up. I too own all of the Conflict series and have been anxiously awaiting the new installment, talk about disappointment. Bring back my team, let's go find Foley and get this game back on track.

14th Jan 2008, 15:27
I also own all of the conflict series. The most fun I've had playing video games is when I have four friends in front of the TV screaming at one another to "go heal jones!" or "RPG that TANK!" It was great in college and its great at the firehouse. The fact that Conflict Denied Ops doesn't have 4 player Co-op means I am not buying the game. The thing that set the conflict series apart from every other shooter was the team work element and getting to have 4 people play the campaign. Finding this out was a huge dissapointment. Edios needs to ask themselves, "Are we leaving a winning formula?" and "How is this different from any other FPS"

29th Jan 2008, 12:24
PC shooters with LAN coop seems to be getting the shaft big time
since 2000-2001 . Ive never been one for playing a shooter using
joypad . I find it to slow and unsuitable for shooters , keyboard
and mouse is the real mans control method .

Games today seem to be all about graphics before real gameplay
and how many 'High def' (aka widescreen res with limited colors
and shi*y graphic effects that ruin the colours on the screen )

Anyone seen GRAW1 , you have brown , yellow , black
and thats about all the colors in the game . The ground is yellow
the sky is yellow , the buildings are brown/yellowish , the gun is yellow
and uniform on team mates are yellow .
I would like to see a re introduction of 8 to 12 player coop again
since the last few years coop has been reduced to 4 or none.

It would be nice to see multi platform shooters having cross platform
lan/online multi player play . Anyone using a Keyboard and mouse would
absolutely kick butt over the players using joypad . Id love to see them
cry with the keyboard/mouse control players running around them in double
the speed.

4th Feb 2008, 16:07
Well they already do have cross platform games for pc where you can play against xbox 360 owners so you don't have to wish any longer.

I'm a big pc gamer as well and love the original ghost recon on the pc which had a massive online coop experience, especially with all the mods. The game I'm following now though and am really hoping will bring back a revival to coop is Ground Branch made by Black foot studios.

It's still really early in development but the game looks really promising and will offer a 6 person team coop and huge open environments like he original ghost recon did. There's a lot to read in the forums and newsletters and also a lot of teaser images as well. www.blackfootstudios.com

7th Feb 2008, 23:59
I've played all the Conflict games with mates and I was really upset to hear that the 4 person team is no longer there.

With System Link now an option for me, I was really looking forward to spending some serious time playing a new Conflict game with my own TV screen (Luxury).

I'm still very appreciative that the game offers a co-op campaign mode but like others on here, I've really enjoyed the characters involved.
I'll really miss 2 person co-op too, which allowed each player to have someone to control. That added a huge tactical element and a lot of enjoyment with it.

I also liked having limited ammo, medical kits etc, it all added to the difficulty factor and kept me and others playing for hours. The huge mission designs and countless hours needed to complete the previous games will be sorely missed.

The Conflict series were improving with each release so it's a shame that the already excellent tonic has been altered, especially with Next-Gen capabilities.

I will buy Denied Ops because co-op campaign games on the XBOX 360 are few and far between. However, I really hope that the 4 man team returns in the next Conflict game and with it the depth, style and enjoyment of the game returns.

Sgt. Striker
12th Feb 2008, 17:08
I agree with Proxy, and I cannot find a place to complain as well, so hopefully you Eidos guys read these posts, so you can get a feel on how you're products do. So here goes, I OWN ALL the other Conflict series games, and there is ONE reason I do, and that's the ability to switch back, and forth to FOUR players NOT 2, and THIRD person view NOT first person. What the HE-L have you guys done to this GREAT series? Why for the love of Pete would you just up, and change the WHOLE format. I mean fellas, oyu had the ONLY game that gave you COMPLETE control of your characters, and being able to have them master ALL weapons, so, as in REAL life, if one soldier went down, the other could do his job for him, like Connor could be good with a sniper rifle too, if Foley went down. You had 4 Cadlillacs guys, know you have 1 Pinto.

You could improve on this by having a Conflict Operation Iraqi Freedom, and have it be an expansion to the war in Afghanistan as well, with ALL guys, and FINALLY take the 'What happened to FOLEY Mission', that finished up the Global War on Terror. There is also Korean conflict, and maybe some Cold War editions would also be cool. You HAD a good thing going Eidos, and I hope you get back to you what the Conflict series one of the MOST enjoyable.

14th Feb 2008, 22:17
I know its not just me but I have played every Conflict game and they all were great. Till........ now......... What the F@#%!!!!! Did these guys do?????? This is the worst destruction of a game since Bloodrayne 2. THis game is awful. And it could have been they ONLY third person four person co-op shooter on the 360!!! But.... They blew it!!!! Now I going to write pivital!!!!:mad2: :eek: :confused: :( **** :scratch:

4th Aug 2008, 10:15
I was quite excited when I heard there would be a new conflict for the next gen consoles! Then I discovered it was to lose the third person view and 4 player co-op. What a croc of sh one T.
The conflict series of games were some of the best tactical shooters out there with almost limiltless ways to carry out the missions, now its a generic FPS shooter with co-op bolted on. Such a dissapointment, I downloaded the demo in teh vague hope it would be any good, it was not. I really hope pivotal realise the mistake they have made here and release the next conflict game with 4 player co-op and put behind them Conflict Denied Flop